Fred Light, from, is a nationally known Real Estate Videographer who saw an opportunity, jumped to the occasion and started cashing in.

He didn’t get where he’s at overnight. Through a great deal of trial and error and a LOT of time (oh, and a LOT of money!), He finally found a model that works.

And now he shares this working model so you can start cashing in quicker!

This course is completely FREE for a limited time


Save yourself time, zoom through the learning curve and bypass the mistakes. Everything Fred learned is contained in this book and on the video neatly packaged and ready to read and watch for you to enjoy.

What this book and video will teach you:

  • Entry fees and startup costs
  • Suggestions on the best equipment to choose
  • Free, off the shelf software tools to create a killer listing
  • Production techniques to avoid
  • The pros and cons of free video hosting services
  • The secret to maximizing your listing search for Google
  • How to upload to multiple video sites with one click
  • Example sales pitches and business model
  • What realtors are looking for in a videographer
  • How to create a killer listing presentation using some off the shelf, free tools
  • How and where to successfully market your skills
  • What to charge
  • Plus more!


  • 40 minute, on-demand crash course video
  • PDF Book Download
  • Links to helpful articles
  • Access on desktop and mobile


  • You’re a video production freelancer who wants more clients and not afraid to hustle
  • Willingness to learn
  • Any computer or mobile device regardless of operating system

Who is this course for?

  • This course is perfect for you if you are a student, freelancer, employee or small business owner in any creative industry and you want to know how you can increase your income, while still doing what you love
  • This course is not for you if you’re not willing to hustle

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