Underwater videography is just cool, exciting, dangerous. For unique wildlife shots… this is the field to get in to. Sure it’s expensive, the equipment the training, but its all worth it.

What started all of this? how did interest in bringing cameras into the water start?

Let’s go way back in time…way before Jacque Cousteau, NOVA or Mutual of Omaha bringing us the cool images of sharks and shipwrecks to our living room….let’s give a big thanks to a TV show called Sea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges.


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  1. I always loved watching Sea Hunt & Ripcord as a child. At 60, I still enjoy diving with vintage reconditioned double hose regulators. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  2. Awesome podcast as usual. Love the part where he talks about the Lloyd Bridges interview…of course he had to watch what he says he was hauled up before the house on unamerican activities and accused of being a communist! I would watch my mouth too

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