If you’re producing videos, it is crucial to be aware of the laws involved. Yeah, yeah…we know it’s boring to talk about. Creative types tune out from this stuff. But on this special edition of The DV Show, entertainment attorney Gordon Firemark entertains us while getting into the nitty gritty details of some popular legal questions you should know the answers to:

  • Will you get sued when using the licensed names of movie characters in Youtube videos and selling them for money?
  • If a musician performs a live concert and had stipulated before the performance that no videotaping was to occur, does the musician have any rights to claim ownership of the images and audio of original material performed?
  • What will happen if you digitize and distribute professional photos shot by someone else and use them in your videos even if you were the one who paid for them?
  • What will happen if you use music from your company owned music library in your own commercial videos?

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Show notes:

The Law Offices of Gordon P. Firemark are entertainment attorneys dedicated to the legal and business affairs needs of clients in the entertainment and media industries. By offering those kinds of legal and business affairs services handled in-house at the larger studios, production companies, talent agencies and record labels, we help small and mid-sized entertainment businesses, individual producers, writers and artists to reliably and efficiently out-source their legal and business affairs work.

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