These 5 skills are seeing huge growth in demand on Fiverr—one pays up to $5,000 per project

The world of freelancers continues to grow. As of 2021, there are more than 6 million independent professionals in the U.S., according to freelancer platform Fiverr’s 2022 Freelance Economic Impact Report.

Fiverr defines “independent professionals” as those who earn their income outside of traditional employment, who do not employ others and who offer creative services like video producing, technical services like IT, and professional services like accounting. They make up 3.9% of the U.S. labor force and earned an estimated $247 billion in revenue in 2021.

While some of their skills are regularly in demand, the work their clients need can change over time. Fiverr analyzed data from its millions of searches across the platform for its Small Business Needs Index, to see which services have seen significant increases in the past six months, compared to the previous six months.

Here are five of those “trending skills,” as Gali Arnon, Fiverr’s chief marketing officer, calls them and how much freelancers are charging for them.

Promotional video ad

Businesses are always looking for the best ways to reach their client base across social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok. Video ads created specifically for these various platforms help them do that.

The term saw a 453% growth in search over the last six months.

Professionals who offer this service take on work like video editing, scriptwriting and voice overs. They charge anywhere from $5 to $1,200 per project.

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