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Ways to Develop Your Buyer Personas Using Twitter

Twitter is a goldmine when it comes to gaining knowledge about people’s habits and behaviors. You just may not know who you are trying to reach yet, that’s where this section will be helpful.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when crafting your buyer personas:

Who are they as people?

Some ways to find out who the people in your audience are is seeing how they describe themselves. Look at their bios on their Twitter accounts and you’ll notice that many of the bios are packed with valuable information about the person such as their job title, some things they are passionate about, and where they live.
If they include a profile picture, it should be obvious if they are male or female. If you want to learn more about their demographics like their age, education, and salary, you can always continue your research for them on LinkedIn and Facebook to dive deeper.

What Twitter accounts are they following?

Another good way to learn more about your audience is to see who they are following on Twitter. You can do this by simply going to their profile and clicking on the “Following” button and it will show you every account they follow.

  • You can find people based on who they follow to determine who is interested in what your message will be.
  • If you are a yoga studio, then you can search for people following a ton of health and wellness accounts.
  • If you are targeting business owners or executives, then you can target people following a lot of influential people in HR or business type accounts.

Who follows them?

Not only should you search your personas based on who they are following, but it could be helpful to see who follows them. Go to someone’s profile and click on “Followers” to get an idea of the types of people following them.

What hashtags do they use?

You can use hashtags to find your personas on Twitter as well. You can start with generic hashtags for your industry such as #SocialMediaMarketing or #HR to find conversations people are having. Then you can see what other hashtags those people are using and start monitoring them as well to help find your audience.

What sites are they reading and sharing from?

Not only can you monitor the hashtags people are using, but you can also see what sources they are sharing content from by clicking on any links they share. You can then get a better idea of what they are interested in and what their favorite sources are.

Who do they engage with?

Seeing who people follow and the people that follow them is a good start, but if you monitor who they actually interact with often, you can better create your personas. If someone mentions someone in a lot of their Tweets and retweets someone often, you may want to look into that more so you can see who their influencers are.

What Twitter Chats are they in?

One more way to learn more about your audience and your prospects is to see if they are involved in any Twitter chats. You can find Twitter chats on sites such as Tweetreports or Twubs. Once you have a list of chats, it will show you the hashtag being used and you can search on Twitter to see who is using that hashtag.

Knowing your audience is crucial to the success of your business. Now that you know what buyer personas are, why they are an important part of your marketing strategy, and ways you can learn more about your prospects by diving into their Twitter accounts, you can now start developing your personas so you have a clear idea of the people you truly should connect with on Twitter that could soon become a loyal customer and brand ambassador.

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