We Want You Back

The DV Show podcast started in March of 2005 and ran until our very last show in February 2012. We produced 800+ audio and video podcasts including the Elite Videographer courses, production webinars, The Law and Video Podcast, Underwater Videographer Podcast, Producer’s Huddle – whew! we did it all, helped tons of media professionals, had fun in the process and met tons of great people on and offline.

Unfortunately, all of that great content is lost in the anals of Amazon’s AWS servers and our web content got a little rusty over the years for lack of attention, but we still remained the trusted source for answers to listener questions on thedvshow.com while trying to get out of that thick quicksand. Now that we laid flat, slid across the top and got our hands on some great new equipment, we’re hopping right back on the horse again bringing you even better content.

When we made a promise to all Premium subscribers and listeners – “lifetime membership is a lifetime membership“. We meant it.

If you’re reading this and you were a Premium Subscriber in the past – I’m personally inviting you to hop back on board with us. You’re still in our database as “inactive” but want to make you “active” again to benefit from the services we offered you.

We’re not charging a dime for reinstating you or additional subscription fees. A username and password will be sent to you for immediate access to premium content. No strings attached.

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Thanks for listening and watching throughout the years. Looking forward to serving you again in the years ahead!

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