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The DV Show podcast started in March of 2005 and has since become the trusted source for answers to listener questions related to digital video.

The shows are described by listeners as informative, edgy, offbeat, irreverent, and engaging — online radio programs like you’ve never heard before.

Hosted by Brian Alves, a 22-year veteran of video production, a crack team of 12 seasoned media professionals and one Entertainment Attorney, the shows feature answers to listener questions, careful reviews, product news, tips, tutorials, contests and high-profile interviews with industry professionals — all in a quick and engaging format for thousands of listeners to enjoy worldwide.

If you’re completely stumped or just need advice, we’re here to help!

More Than Just a Podcast

The DV Show participates in 3-5 larger, national conferences and 8-12 smaller Boston area expos and special events related to digital video within the year. These events include The National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, Government Video & Technology Expo, Digital Life, Videomaker Magazine Expo, DV Expo East, Emerging Technology Conference, DEMA Show, Alliance for Community Media,’s Flash Forward Conference and more.

Our answers have been featured in major industry trade magazines, referenced in numerous articles throughout the web, included in many college course materials and listed in numerous discussion forums and social networking sites all over the web.

What people are saying:


“Your site is absolutely amazing. I am currently redesigning my site and readjusting my pricing strategy. You have saved me I would have to saved my months if not years of time and possible headaches. “

Jim Newson,

“Thank you so much for your very helpful suggestions to making my video website more effective. I am honored you would take the time to review it. You were awesome and all the suggestions were honest and very insightful.”

Stasi Bara, See It Productions, LLC

“The Principals of Effective Website Design for Video Business webcast was great. Got me paying attention to important things I’d overlooked with my own website.”

Brian Jordan,

“Congrats on your new webinars. It looks like you’re really cookn’ these days- with your Elite web site and webinar offerings – all grow’n and diversifying! You are a gift to the videography community.”

Ken Jones, Producer, Host,

“Thank you very much for checking back in with me. You & the DV Show are a big step above any one else out here on the web. Not only do you guys know your stuff, but you are genuinely concerned about us too.”

Todd Mallasch, Longtime Listener

“You do really need to be complimented Brian, the webinars and guests you’ve been bringing to the table are wonderful. I really need your show, many of us do because you cover the “business” side of this whole thing. You know many of us are freelancers, possibly still holding onto other jobs but strategizing ways to bring in more income or do this full time. I have been meaning to send this thank you for some time, great work and many thanks to you and your team because I know there is a team of you making this show happen on a weekly basis.”

Maria Tototzintle,

“I’ve been listening to The DV show for more than 2 years, and have been a premium subscriber for a little more than a year. Brian’s shows never fail to provide a multidtude of great tips and tricks, as well as new software that’s always useful.

Brian’s recent 5 day webinar series about becoming an Elite Videographer was AMAZING! Very motivating and filled with practical tips about improving your video poduction business.

The VALUE of the premium membership in the DV Show is amazing. It’s hands down the most valuable professional membership I have!

Chef Mark Tafoya,

“Brian, I enjoyed your presentation last night for the MCAI/CT which I am a member of. Much of what you said is how I’ve been doing business for over 45 years.”

Stew Crossen,

“As far as online tools go for videographers, The DV Show has got to be one of the best.
I started listening to their podcasts about a year ago and have been an avid follower ever since. Each week Brian, the host, takes you through the latest products, has an interview with some of the leading peers in the field of videography and offers up some great downloads for the mac and the pc. To cap it off the show often starts with a Q&A built from that weeks most interesting questions. I joined up during my recent trip through Europe and have been taking advantage of the premium subscribers offers during the past few months.”

Justin Avery,

“I have to admit something – your show is addictive. It is a great show with tons of good info. I am in the middle of trying to get some friends started with video up here in the mountains of Brazil and will of course point them towards your show and website.”

Svein Wisnaes, aka. Oceanwatcher, Brazil

“Brian you are amazing. How do you reply so fast. I didn’t even get my sandwiches made before you replied. Faster than a TV Commercial, incredible! Thanks”

Dan Blake Master Underwater Criminal Investigator Videographer Woodford, Va

“Guess whazzup! I just joined this great new video production site with just tons of info! As you know I thrive on info….who doesn’t right?

I was just about to join the IzzyVideo membership clup for $69 (just had a email discount code emailed to me,so I had my C-card open and everything) then I recalled another option and headed on over to the DVshow site! Man its like instant access to a internet archive of ..well.. tons of info and video tutorials for those of us who can’t (or won’t) pick up a book!”

Alex Phillips, Brockton, MA

“After hearing about your sponsor on the podcast, we decided to give them a try from the college. Quick shipping a competitive pricing makes them a winner over our former supplier (who isn’t a show sponsor BTW). Thanks for the tip!”

Mark Ramsden, Lemoyne College, Syracuse, NY

BTW, the dvshow is one of few podcasts that I listen consistently since the beginning. Keep up the excellent work. I’m getting ready to make real estate videos like you talked about recently. I think it’s an excellent way to make money and for home sellers it’s a great investment.

Pierre Arsenault, Premium Member, long time listener

Thank you so much for answering my question – it was exactly what I was hoping for in an answer.I gotta tell you that I really look forward to every Monday’s download of your podcast – I must be a true “geek”. I started listening around the beginning of October and I have listened to almost all of the podcasts on iTunes. Thanks for everything you guys do!!!

Brian Berning, Science Teacher/Technology Curriculum Coordinatorm, The Seven Hills School

Thank you very much for answering my question. I love the Law & Video podcast. What a valuable resource. Thanks again.

Nick. Rochester, MN

thanks for the e-book i’m sure that it will be very helpful. i want to thank you (brian), mark, and the other co-hosts for the advice. i love the shows and listen to them two and three times each to get every tip. keep up the good work.

Bruce Watts, Listener

I can’t believe you have been around since March 2005 and I just found out about you this year. Your podcasts are awesome and your doing a great job!

Bill Panagouleas, CEO/Founder, DiscreetFX

I recently started to listen to your show, and have quickly become a fan, you really offer a lot of help and do it in a very entertaining and interesting way.

Todd Mallasch, Listener

My name is Eric Patel and I’m a freelance videographer based in Chelmsford, MA…I recently ordered a hat and shirt from you (thanks for the fast shipping!). I’m a long-time DV Show listener and look forward to your podcasts. I really have learned a lot from you over the years and hope that you continue with the show and some of the other exciting relating projects that you’re working on.

Eric Patel, Producer / Videographer

this is the greatest, inspirational video and audio podcast that i have ever seen and I would really appreciate if you could email me. My name is Ray Hall and I am a rookie at shooting films and I can not afford to go to film school/ however I am teaching myself through your tutorials, trial and errors. Keep up the great work.

Ray Hall

I don’t know if I am supposed to reply to this address, but I needed to tell someone on your side of things just how useful and fun your newsletters and your site are. You are all doing an amazing job which, for someone who is actively pursuing a career in film and television production like me, is a joy. Keep up the tremendously good work . . . all of you.

Peter Soares

Aloha Brian, Thanks you for your e-mail and your kind response. Don’t worry, I won’t ever forget you guys! The DV show is still in my ipod once a week! Again, this is the best podcast out there and the best video podcast in all of podcastdom.

Much Aloha, Frank Pulaski, MauiTV

I discovered your podcast when browsing iTunes. I’m a Rural Letter Carrier (mail-man)in Arizona and deliver to many folks in the middle of the desert. So I’m a perfect captive audience as I have about four + hours of drive time a day to listen to Podcasts. I downloaded and listened to ‘all’ of your episodes of ‘The DV Show’ twice (two + years worth) and I’ve enjoyed every one! What a great show! High production values, good questions and great guests! Mark & Michael also offer effective real-life answers and experiences for all videorghers. Many thanks Brian and Team on a fine show that provides a very valuable service to anyone in video production at all skill levels. All the best guys and you can be sure I’ll be listening in and telling others to do likewise!

Jim from Arizona

Greetings from Tokyo and! Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your show while, I was interviewed with my partner on Podcast411 last week. Rob from Podcast411 has some traditional questions he asks his interviewees. One of those questions is, “What podcasts do you listen to?” My answer to this was The DV Show, as I have been listening and enjoying for quite some time. Hopefully you guys pickup a few more listeners, as Rob has one of the more popular podcasts in the podosphere. Thanks for all of your efforts! And Michael-san, don’t hold back with the New York accent!

Peter Galante Founder of

Gentlemen, I love the show. I am a hobbyist/ novice working towards becoming a professional editor/ producer. I have a pretty good grasp on the technology of editing and I am learning a lot by listening to you folks. Your show inspired me to take my hobby to the next level and create a home business for another way to bring money into my growing home.

Dan at

I just wanted to thank you for going out of your way to ensure that i received the book. It turns out that for some reason my spam filter was blocking any e-mails from you. I did not expect a response so quickly nor did I expect that you would take the time to publish a hidden page on your website that hosted the download. This level of customer service is really what makes the dvshow so good. You guys truly do your best to give your customers and listeners the best possible experience. Keep up the good work.

Rob Stoner

Thanks for taking the time to address our user group about shooting holiday video. It was an interesting (and at times humorous) meeting. I’ve got the DV show on my iTunes podcast list.

Sam Pronesti


I was the guy in the back of the room that has been in television production since 1966. I used to run TK-11 and TK-61 cameras with the lens turrets. The term “Rack and Focus” had real meaning back then. The color GE camera I eventually ran had serial number 1. The station bought it off the NAB floor. I hit 61 this year and decided its time to let the youngin’s take a swing at it. I have a handful of clients that I still work with because I like them and they pay well. In an interview, Millimeter magazine once estimated I’ve directed over 11,000 commercials. In the late 70’s through the mid 80’s I was highly sought after because of my direct response commercials. Ron Popeil, Ronco, Pocket Fisherman, Gut Buster, Trim Trak, Easy Glider, Abdominizer and record offer after record offer with “call before midnight, operators are standing by.”

I enjoyed your talk tonight. As elementary as it is to those of us in the business, many in the room were hanging on your every word.

Thanks again for an entertaining program, you are never too old to learn something.

Bob Hammer


Your presentation to NCMUG last night provided lots of useful tips. Please send me the link to your eBook. One of the many things I’m interested in is your response to another member about cataloging iPhoto files, and I believe you said your eBook covered that.

BTW, I was glad to hear you confirm my belief that the ’08 version of iMovie is faulty. I’ve been using Version 6 and I’m happy with it. If I graduate from it, I guess I’ll go to Final Cut Express.

Thanks for your wonderful presentation, and for your insightful answers to our questions.

Tom Reed

Hello Brian,

Thanks for the program you were part of last night at our Mac Computer Club. Sorry the hook up didn’t involve a video connection but the sound came through very well.

Gail Radke


Thanks for sharing your time with us last evening. Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed hearing your tips for shooting successful holiday videos. I wish to take advantage of your offer of a free video tips book. Thank you for your generosity.

Lawrence Hrusovsky

Thank you ! I really enjoy your podcasts. I teach Electronic Media at Ohio University and have used many of your tips in my lesson plan!

Dave Surgalski

All I can say is Wow!!

I signed up and installed the Firefox plug-in. I am at work and do not have any videos to test, but plan on uploading some over the weekend. The real cool thing is that the JW Player is available as a Joomla extension, which is the platform I develop on.

Thanks so much for turning me on to this service. As a matter of fact, thank you for everything since day one. You have helped me more than you know! Whether it is via email, podcasts or video tutorials, my knowledge has grown exponentially. You are my one stop shop for everything video related.

You are a good person, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have made your acquaintance when I did.

Bryan Zimmerman, Content Producer

All this for $35 a year? I greatly appreciate your help, don’t get me wrong…

But I have membership subscriptions the run me from $10 to $77 a month and they were unable to give me the info you did. Keep me in at my price, but raise your membership rates!
Keep me in at my price, but raise your membership rates!

Michael Kiernan, Content Producer