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27 ways to find clients on social media
It’s all fun and nice talking about getting clients through social media, but I want to show you it can be done and I want to share how you can do it. This article is for the freelancers that think social media marketing is only beneficial for product-sellers.

How To Steal Your Competitor’s Social Media Followers
Social media is used to build brand ambassadors, drive traffic, and convert sales. While building a social media following can be very difficult, one way to speed up the process is to tap into a fan base that is already established – that of your competitors. Yes, you can steal your competition’s followers right out from under their noses.

9 best ways to find emails to anyone that you want to reach out to
This technique (or rather, set of techniques) works if you are trying to find new video clients to cold pitch, it works if you need to find the HR director for E! because you want to take that editor job from StaffMeUp, it works if you are trying to find new guests for your podcast, and it works if you are trying to find your 93-year-old grandmother who got an email address way back when Windows 95 was King but she never used it ‘til now because your wife’s cousin found a way to make the current OS look like 95..