Adapting to AI: One Video Pro’s Transformation

Explore AI’s impact on one video professionals journey and how he adapted in order to make it all work.
Adapting to AI: One Video Pro's Transformation
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Adapting to AI: One Video Pro's Transformation

Show Notes

January 17, 2024

Continuing the series on AI and Video Production, this episode of The DV Show LIVE discusses the controversial topic in detail.

The host acknowledges the impact of AI on job loss but also explores the practical and positive side of AI in video production.


  • The word for 2024 is “adapt,” as the video production industry, like many others, is being affected by AI and technology.
  • Nic Camp discusses the transformation of his career and how he adapts to AI. He also discusses what the real focus should be in order to get (and stay) ahead and competitive.

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