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build a massive following on YouTube

Build a massive following on YouTube

Learn the 5 steps on how to use YouTube to build a massive following for your business

Welcome to this edition of the DV Show podcast…my name is Brian. Are you visiting our social channels? Our involvement in the video production world goes way beyond this podcast with a steady flow of tips, tricks, techniques, and feedback from our followers. It’s awesome to interact and see Ron Lindeboom from Creative Cow chiming in, Adobe folks participating along with drone videographers, wedding videographers, animators, filmmakers, editors, social media video pros, freelancers, video professionals, you name it- they’re all there giving input on the social media topics we post. It is a great way to connect and learn from a very diverse, knowledgeable community of professionals in the industry. If you’re not part of the community yet, I would highly suggest you hop on board and participate! I’m always learning and so will you.

Visit our website at for the list of where you can find us – we would be happy to connect.

With that said, let’s introduce our next guest, Nate Woodbury from, a professional YouTube Producer, who currently produces 9 profitable YouTube channels for various clients. He helps them grow their YouTube following, and turn their channels into lead generation machines that generate seven figures.

As a master of efficiency, Nate is expert in developing ways to minimize time and expense, and maximize results and today he’s on thedvshow podcast to share his 5 step formula for success.

I know I know, you’ve heard this all before from others! The ongoing claim that Youtube can make you rich with a quick system – as long as you drop $500 to learn how. We avoided this topic for years on this podcast, but when talking with Nate and realizing he is the real deal and actually doing it, this interview became very informative!

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