Scary Truths About Ecommerce Video Production

Ecommerce video production! Everything you wanted to know about creating ecommerce product videos that sell.
The DV Show - Video Production Just Got Easier
The DV Show - Video Production Just Got Easier
Scary Truths About Ecommerce Video Production

Show Notes

May 10, 2021

We’re getting into my favorite topic on this episode: ecommerce video production! An entirely different creative and business process before any video can perform successfully.

Ecommerce product videos empower shoppers with product knowledge and confidence. Shopping online is an amazing resource for our busy lives and growing by leaps and bounds every day. But eCommerce sites lack the tangibility and real-life product demos that people get in brick and mortar shops. There is no salesman or pro staff to pitch the product and relay product information relative to each customer’s unique situation. eCommerce lacks the human touch. Video Review Labs creates eCommerce video experiences that make online shopping more tangible and genuine. When people are shopping for higher price point products or technically complicated products like pro camping gear or electronics, they need to thoroughly understand what they are getting in the box.

When producing product videos, every e-commerce platform is different, the audience you’re selling the product to, and creating the video for, is different. There are formats, specific lengths to adhere to, social media platforms to think about, search engine optimization and the list goes on…

On this themed episode we have two product video production experts from joining us in the studio. We have some listener questions on tap to answer with our social audio audience ready to chime in with feedback and advice, and some cool tools in the download vault this week – some free stuff you can use to get those product videos produced faster and without hassle.

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