Spielberg Speaks: Video, the Future, and AI

Explore an AI-generated podcast with Spielberg’s views on AI and filmmaking, using cloned voice technology for a unique discussion
Spielberg Speaks: Insight into Video, the Future, and AI
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Spielberg Speaks: Video, the Future, and AI

Show Notes

April 28, 2024

We venture into uncharted territory, presenting a unique and intriguing exploration of Steven Spielberg’s perspectives on AI, the future of video production, and the art of filmmaking.

Unable to source direct insights from Spielberg himself on these topics, we turned to the next best thing: an AI simulation. Through the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, we’ve crafted a mock interview that channels Spielberg’s known views and thoughts. Using cutting-edge technology, we’ve cloned his voice to bring this AI-generated discussion to life. Dive into this extraordinary episode as we explore a conversation with ‘Spielberg’—not the man himself, but an AI embodiment of his ideas and visions for the future of cinema.

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