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The Only Man on the Planet Who Broadcasted Live Video From the Moon

We are on a mission to rid this world of bad video. Now, what is bad video and not only looks and sounds horrible, but bad video doesn’t do anything. If it doesn’t engage or get results. It’s bad video, and it’s a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

One of my favorite unforgettable interviews was with Stan the bar, the NASA engineer who headed the team that created that black and white camera for Apollo moon missions. Stan created the camera that engaged the entire world as they watched Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon. We all watched this during the worldwide television broadcast of the landing in 1969. Now that broadcast wasn’t perfect, but we still view the historical footage to this very day, thanks to Stan and his team. Now we’re pulling this podcast up from the archives, along with some audio not included in the original edited version, which was released back on July 12 2009. Unfortunately, Stan passed away six months later on December 23 2009. He was 84 years old. So we are once again dedicating this podcast to his accomplishment.

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