Production quality
Elicits emotions
Reaches target
Uses marketing tactics
Uses psychology tactics

01:04 Feature video

As the name suggests, the focus of such videos are the features of the displayed product. Feature videos show the product in action, often including actors demonstrating its usage. A feature product video may cover the whole list of a product’s functions or focus on one only. No matter which is the case, feature videos have a great influence on consumer’s decision process. After seeing the functions in action, a customer can easily imagine using the product. That definitely encourages them to make a purchase.

01:32 Using a female voice

Male voices are perceived to be more authoritative and commanding than female voices, and most of the time this is the only surefire win that male voice-overs have over female ones.

If your product is related to cars, computers, or the newest gadget, then a male voice-over is a good option; that’s typically the audience interested in those products.

Female voiceovers, on the other hand, have been known to sound more intimate and emotional than male voices, but there’s more to female voices than just that.

01:39 Building trust

Building trust with a customer makes them far more likely to commit to your products and services. Trust is the one element that factors into nearly every purchasing decision for a customer, regardless of what the item is. That’s where video marketing can prove valuable to your business. While 83 percent of businesses believe their video marketing campaign is producing solid ROI, video marketing isn’t just about brand and product exposure. Fostering trust is central to video marketing.

01:42 Good Choice of Music

Music that elicits a strong emotional response compels people to share. And it can even drive us to buy products.

01:52 Social Proofing

Social proof is an important part of executing your video marketing strategy. As customers, we buy products that make us feel good about ourselves, products that change us and make us better. By using social proof in the form of showing happy people using a product, testimonials, reviews and trust icons you’re helping customers make a decision, feel confident about their choice, and a part of something bigger

1:54 Editing

Use quick, clean edits & lots of them. If you’ve gone more than a few seconds without a cut, you’re dragging it out too much. Editing is a fine art which takes years to master, but a good rule of thumb is that three seconds is about the most you should keep a static image on a screen.

2:04 Speak to your target audience

A common mistake in video marketing is to assume your audience is everyone. Sure, it would be amazing to reach all 30 million people who visit YouTube each day. But precisely 0% of businesses reaches every video viewer.

Instead, think of videos as a way to bond deeply with a special slice of viewers: your target audience. This video did a great job of knowing who they are and speaking to them directly.

2:08 Create a problem, then sell the solution

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book: Create a problem, then sell the solution.

Or more often, create the appearance of a problem.

2:11 Psychology tactic

Females are target audience. They can have more time with loved one and friends thanks to the Solo Stove. Big problem with relationships is a cell phone. Notice how the male immediately gets off the phone and starts to engage. This is important to target audience.

2:18 Music

Music becomes upbeat with short increase in volume…guiding the viewer into paying more attention and not lose interest while watching

2:35 Creating intrigue

Not fully exposing the product created intrigue up until this point. The viewer kept watching to see this final reveal.

2:47 Great use of slow motion

Slo-mo is a special effects technique in which the action appears to be happening slower than its normal speed. Often used to lend versatility to a project, slo-mo can make the output more cinematic and artistic, add emphasis, ramp up anticipation, and focus viewers on the essence of a narrative.

2:58 Use of close ups

The close-up is one of the most common tools in visual storytelling, and when used correctly, it is very powerful. It allows the filmmaker to connect the audience with the subject on a deeper emotional level. But if you overuse it, the effect wears off quickly, and the film feels claustrophobic and cramped.

3:05 Camera movements

Camera movement often builds the mood of a scene without viewers even realizing it. Unless it’s a movement that is meant to be jolting — like the shaky camera throughout the film Cloverfield — camera motion is mostly used to subtly contribute to the tone of a video.

3:14 Psychology

Good use of wording to create visuals in viewers mind. Creates emotional feelings.

3:28 Creating status

Buying a new product on the market is somewhat of a status symbol, when something is rare and exclusive, we’re all driven for status and we buy.

3:35 Colors

Using lots of color (as in this shot) boosts the viewers mood. Great ending to an already awesome video.