If you are looking for the best professional production quality video cameras priced from $2500 to $8,000+ then you’re listening to the right podcast!

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Show notes:

Camera #1 from Sony
Camera #2 from JVC
Camera #3 from Panasonic
Camera #4 from Canon
Camera #5 from Sony

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  1. Try this search engine:
    It will allow you to select sensor size as a search criteria.
    Then you check your local sources for used models for sale or local sales.
    Here near Seattle, that would be check Amazon, Craigslist, Ebay, KEH, B&H, best buy, the local walmart. All have great cameras from 1-2 years ago that are still very good but are no longer the newest thing. Still as good as the day they were.

  2. If you opt for a digital camera, the max is 29.5 minutes per take. Meaning if you opt for a 60 minute video you have to re-start it in the middle. The only models which allow you to get around this are the Panasonic GH series. A used GH1 is around 175 without the lens on amazon. You might find a better deal on Ebay or craigslist. There is no camcorder that can match this for still images due to the larger m4/3 sensor.

    Alternately just find the camcorder with the largest sensor you can afford. There are several with 1″ sensor which should do well in both video and images.

  3. Hi. I recently broke my point and shoot camera, and I’ve been in the market for a new camcorder, so I’m wondering is there is anything in the middle. Something that would be good for both taking pictures and video. My budget is around $200. I know I’m not going to get something amazing with that, but I can’t really spend much more. I just need something reliable. I’m mostly looking to take videos, so I’m not sure if the 30minute cap for camera will work.

  4. Hope all is well. I work for Pipeline Communications, the PR agency for JVC Professional Video. Thanks for the mention in your most recent podcast! Actually, JVC recently upgraded its camera model to the GY-HM660. Any chance you can update the link?

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