How to Use Meet with Google Classroom

Fran asks: Going to try using Google Classroom this week as it seems the pandemic is going to go on for a little longer – I need resources! I’m going through a few sites now, but thought that I might turn to The DV Show for more specifics when it comes to the video streaming part – Google classroom and Google Meet integration. I’m reading about sharing files and attachments? Whiteboard? How do I show reactions and stickers? Taking attendance?

Google Meet vs ZOOM

Gill asks: One of my districts is looking to host remote board meetings with all of the members calling in and then streaming the meeting for anyone who wants to see it live. Google Meet works great (because it’s free without time limits) but it’s not like Zoom when you want to show a grid view. Any way around this?

Live Streaming to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

Karen asks: I have hundreds of customers following my business on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. How can I reach all of them at the same time with one live stream without going on each platform separately? Scheduling gets confusing and streaming the same content live to each channel is getting old. Is there a way that I can stream a live video across multiple social sites all at once so each channel can view at one time?