Get Your Audio Right with These Basic Techniques

So with everyone stuck inside, there has been a near overnight explosion in live streams. Big and small businesses are trying to get it right. Unfortunately, most have the video down but not the audio – and without great audio how valuable is your video?

Audio-Technica is offering a series of resources designed to help livestream newbies adjust to the circumstances brought about by the current health crisis, including blog posts and tutorials educating on best practices and ideal solutions for content creation and live-streaming, developing a home setup and more.

How to Use Meet with Google Classroom

Fran asks: Going to try using Google Classroom this week as it seems the pandemic is going to go on for a little longer – I need resources! I’m going through a few sites now, but thought that I might turn to The DV Show for more specifics when it comes to the video streaming part – Google classroom and Google Meet integration. I’m reading about sharing files and attachments? Whiteboard? How do I show reactions and stickers? Taking attendance?