Create Amazon Product Videos That Sell & Convert!

Having a product video on Amazon can seriously make or break a sale.

A great video is a game-changing addition that will give your product a competitive edge in a crowded ecommerce marketplace.

A bad video hurts your business’ reputation, scars your brand, decreases sales and is flat out embarassing to watch.

The door is fully open for sellers to put great videos on their listing but Amazon doesn’t make it very easy. There are a few hoops to jump through, fine print to read and levels to reach.

Get in the know and way ahead of the competition with our newest webinar “Create Amazon Product Videos That Sell & Convert”

This live interactive webinar will answer your questions on the fly and teach you what it takes to create professional, engaging video that Amazon loves – in less time.

This is an opportunity you can’t ignore.

Don’t mess this up.

What you will learn:

  • Demystifying all of the Amazon jargon you should know and understand when it comes to video: Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), Brand Registry, Vendor Central and Seller Central
  • Four strategic positions you can upload video to for maximum results
  • How to bypass Amazon’s restrictions and get video uploaded to the elusive main image block area – without violating their terms
  • Types of videos you can create and how long they should really be
  • Consumer psychology tricks to use when producing a video for maximum conversions that no one else talks about
  • Technical requirements to get videos approved quickly
  • What you really should know about Amazon’s video content policy and what makes them smile
  • Tools to make your videos even better

This course is for:

  • An Amazon seller with an active Seller Central account
  • All Vendor Central account holders
  • Small or large businesses with or without a brand or trademark
  • Any Amazon seller interested in learning new tips and tricks on how to create compelling video that translates into sales
  • A novice who wants to make sense of the confusion and get video uploaded

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