5 Apple Marketing Techniques For Video Businesses

A former Apple marketing exec is telling all of the company’s secrets. He even went so far as to write an 8-page e-book that puts into words what we’ve all seen in action: how great marketing builds Apple into a well oiled sales machine.

You might think there’s nothing a video business can learn from a large software company with pockets and resources as deep as Apple’s; well, think again. Download his book and watch how they can be applied through the eyes of a videographer.

There are some excellent points in this ebook – Download it below, look at the top 5 and we’ll show how you can apply them to your business:

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Download the e-book here:

1. Don’t sell products. People buy what other people have.

What Steve mentions: iPod commercials show happy, energetic people dancing in silhouette against a colorful and ever-changing background. What you don’t see is a focus on the actual iPod. No close-ups of how you select a song or adjust the volume level. Why would Apple take all the time to make a great user interface only to not show it on television? The reason is simple: Apple isn’t selling you an MP3 player. They are inviting you to experience their product.

Video Business Application:

Happy experiences are contagious.

Many websites owned by media professionals open up with a demo reel of the fabulous work they’ve done for various clients. Sure, they have a right to be proud in what they produced – showing the bells and whistles of their editing expertise or ability to stitch together a compelling story. Some even highlight the equipment they used to create this masterpiece.

Why are you doing this?

Businesses want business. They want to know what your video can do for their BUSINESS.

ROI is the key word. Your decision to use a cross dissolve instead of a fade to black or a peculiar angle and not the usual angle doesn’t make them money. It’s what the viewer does as a result of watching the video you produced- that is what the client cares about.

Clients want to reap the rewards of what the viewer was compelled to do after watching a video you produced.

Can they find this answer on your website? or are they just wowed and amazed at your ability to create a great looking video? <yawn> <click away>

That’s what a demo reel on your website does, right?

This is where a compelling client testimonial video comes into play of YOUR clients. 90% of media professionals I speak with generate most of their business by word of mouth. Think of this as an electronic “word of mouth” right there on your website doing work for you.

A video with happy customers talking about the results of what you produced for them would be more effective sitting there on your homepage. This type of video not only exploits your customer’s experience with your business, it also acts as a demo reel on how you can produce a video. Knock yourself out with your editing skills and whiz bang effects but only use it to carry the experiences your clients had. You can even insert b-roll of the video you produced into the testimonial.

Focus on what happens after people view your product- let your existing clients tell the story.

Now that’s contagious.

2. Make something good greater

What Steve mentions: Apple didn’t make the first PC nor the first MP3 player; they just made them better. They realized PCs and MP3 players lacked one important element: ease of use. So they solved that problem and, in the MP3 category at least, they now own the market.

Video Business Application:

Look at all of the wedding video demo reels online. They have somewhat of a theme to them. Do you see a pattern emerging? It’s not a “wedding video” anymore it’s a “documentary FILM of your special day.” There are lots of creative angles and rack focus shots cut to some emotional music. Add vignettes, sepia tone and slow motion and the “film” is in the same package as the rest.

It’s getting old.

How many tutorial videos or product demos have you watched lately with a white background?

That was great in 2001. You’re not Apple.

Watch and observe what everyone else is doing then be bold, step out and produce a look or style that is different – don’t follow the brainless zombie crowd. Create your own ideas- it will make you stand out.

Be a leader not a follower.

3. Help your customers help you

What Steve mentions: How can customers market for you? Simply provide something with the product that does it for you. Come up with your own version of Apple’s white headphones to make your product stand out.

Video Business Application:

Turn your clients into evangelists. Of course, you have to have a great product or service first. And when you do, let your clients become your marketing team.

Did you know Apple includes a couple Apple logo stickers with every Apple product you buy? Give away stickers and t-shirts, pens hats or maybe even a thumb drive with your logo on it. Make your customers part of your team and watch them do your marketing.

Offer to host their video for free on your website but have an interactive logo watermarked (a bug) in the lower right hand corner of their video that leads to your website.

Think of creative ways to spread the word.

4. Give your customers something simple to talk about

What Steve mentions: Look at how Apple focuses the message. Mac was “The Computer for the Rest of Us.” iPod was “1,000 Songs in Your Pocket. “ iMac was “3 Steps to the Internet.” And Pepsi challenged Coke only after “Choice of a New Generation” These messages are memorable and transcend product features. Lift occurs only after prospects and customers can easily repeat your message to their friends and colleagues.

Video Business Application:

What words do clients use to describe your video business? This is an actual description a local videographer uses for his business:

Utilizing the new HD format technology, Video Production is looking more and more like film-like. The newest video production camera’s even have 24 FPS settings to capture your wedding in absolute crystal clarity and with the beautiful look of movies…in fact, the final product will look just like a movie and we can do it for you! A personal touch to remember for years to come.

What the?!?!

Why not just say:

A Wedding Videographer who truly cares about creating a perfect re-telling of your wedding day.

or how about this one:

Here at Sureshot Productions we specialize in (Hi-Def) video taping weddings, chicago wedding cinematography, special event videography, web videos, legal videos, video depositions, business meetings, seminars, symposiums, training films, real estate videos, promotional videos, industrial videos, commercial and corporate video production, using the latest digital video equipment. (3-CCD Canon GL2 cameras, Panasonic DVX 100A with 24p, Sony Pd 170 with low-level light capability, HD Canon XH A1 cameras 1080, using Premiere Pro based editing workstations and MAC with Final Cut Pro editing systems.)


You get the point.

5. Go one step further. Surprise and delight your customers.

What Steve mentions: Start with your packaging – It’s all about the feel.

Everything from Apple is designed with intent. Even the product packaging makes the product feel that much more valuable. From neatly packed cords to velvet lining, each step of the unpack is a surprise and delight.

Compare that experience with one from Dell: a plain brown box, typical Styrofoam, plastic bags in all sorts of colors, and so on. The experience feels messy. How does that affect how you feel about the product inside the packaging?

Apple is consistent along every touch point, from a Steve Jobs presentation to the website to the product itself. The brand feels neatly organized and clean.

Video Business Application:

Packaging is important – this is what the customer sees first. Physical business, website or the final case your DVD is distributed in, make your overall packaging special.

If you have physical space clients visit- what does it look like? Is it warm, bright, clean and inviting or is it a dark editing space riddled with wires, grouchy workers and plastic seats?

If you don’t have physical space what does your website look like?

Does it look professional? Does it lack elegance? Is it simple or easy to navigate? Does it get a simple message across?

What about your product packaging: for wedding videographers especially – handing over a DVD in the average slimline DVD case or, worse, a clam shell or jewel case! it cheapens your product. What kind of message does this send?

If the bride opens up her DVD encased in a specially designed black box complete with the couple’s name and special date- how do you think they will feel?

Nothing gets a customers attention like an outstanding package design.

Also a good design will continue to work for years to come, building loyalty along the way. So know your customers well!

Packaging job is to …sell your product! …make it continue to sell your brand!

How are you using these ideas? Let us know in the comments below.


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