Editing video for retention

Editing Video for Retention

It can be so frustrating when you put up a video, it’s getting views and then you see that actually most of the people viewing it aren’t watching more than ten seconds of it. This is where editing video for retention comes in.

Before you take it down, there’s a few things worth trying to see if you can increase the viewer retention. Viewer Retention (sometimes referred to as “Audience Retention”) is the average percentage of a video that people watch. Videos with high Viewer Retention scores tend to sell more. On YouTube, a higher score means increased visibility on YouTube’s platform.

Here is an excellent sample of a video demonstrating the use of an editing technique using the Information Gap Theory of Curiosity – basically its a marketing technique that creates intrigue and curiosity to keep a buyer interested, but in this case, a viewer watching.  Thee video starts out with a tease question and doesn’t answer it until the very end. In the meantime, the viewer had to consume almost 5 minutes of the video in order to get to the answer.

This video is edited very well!

Click the icons below the video- they take you to specific points in the video showing you how the technique is being applied.

Implement the technique demonstrated here into your own videos to keep your viewers attention longer and solve more problems…thus satisfying retention. Editing video for retention is not hard its a simple format once you recognize it!

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