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From Weddings to Funerals: A Videographer’s Pivot

In the world of videography, capturing life’s most precious moments is an art form. For many, this art takes shape in the form of wedding films, engagement shoots, and joyful celebrations. However, one videographer’s remarkable journey demonstrates that the lens of compassion can refocus the artistry of storytelling even in the most unexpected of places. Meet David Hercenberg, a videographer who pivoted his business from shooting weddings to capturing the essence of funerals and offering the option of live streaming services.

The Wedding Videographer’s Transition

David Hercenberg had built a thriving wedding videography business over a span of several years. His portfolio was adorned with beautifully crafted love stories, but a chance encounter with a grieving family would change the trajectory of his career forever.

It all began when a friend of a friend approached David, seeking a different kind of video service. Their request was unconventional yet profound: to create a memorial video for a loved one who had recently passed away. David agreed, not knowing that this single project would spark a deep transformation within him.

A New Calling: Capturing Grief and Celebration

As he embarked on this unique project, David quickly realized that memorial videos held the power to convey not only the loss but also the incredible lives of those who had departed. The videos became a moving tribute, a testament to the memories shared, and a way for families to find solace in their grief.

“Initially, I was hesitant,” David recalls. “I wondered if it was appropriate to use my skills in this way. But as I delved deeper into memorial videos, I realized the incredible value they held for families during their most vulnerable moments.”

The Impact of Memorial Videos and Live Streaming Services

Memorial videos offer families a chance to remember their loved ones in a profound and lasting way. David began collaborating closely with grieving families, carefully weaving together photographs, video clips, and heartfelt testimonials to create touching and personal tributes. These videos not only celebrated the lives of the departed but also provided a source of comfort to those left behind.

In addition to memorial videos, David also recognized the growing need for live streaming services at funerals, especially during times when physical attendance is limited. He now offers families the option to live stream funeral services, ensuring that loved ones from afar can still be a part of the memorial.

David explains, “In every project, I’ve witnessed the cathartic power of storytelling. Families find healing through the process of remembering and celebrating their loved ones, and with live streaming, we can extend this connection to those who can’t be present in person.”

A Compassionate Business Pivot

Over time, David’s business transformed. While he still occasionally films weddings, his primary focus shifted to memorial videos and offering live streaming services at funerals. His compassionate approach and ability to capture the essence of those who have passed on have earned him a reputation in his community as a videographer with a unique gift.

“What I do is not just about creating videos; it’s about preserving legacies and connecting families, whether they’re celebrating or grieving,” David affirms. “I have the opportunity to help families navigate the complex emotions of grief and celebrate the lives of their loved ones, regardless of physical distance.”

A Heartfelt Pivot

David Hercenberg’s journey from wedding videography to memorial videos and live streaming services at funerals is a testament to the power of compassion and adaptation in the face of change. Through his lens, he has discovered that storytelling extends beyond the realm of happiness and celebrations—it has the capacity to touch hearts and provide solace even in moments of profound loss.

In this videographer’s pivot, we see the transformation of a business, but more importantly, we witness the transformation of a heart, proving that sometimes the most meaningful stories are found in the most unexpected places. David’s work is a reminder that empathy and artistry can combine to create something truly remarkable, offering comfort and healing to those who need it most, both in-person and through the power of live streaming.

Want to pivot your video business into funerals?

Here is the blueprint:

Our goal as professional videographers is to go above nd beyond, to catch the event in entirety. Capture the music, the memories of participants, and the eulogy given by the minister.

Therer is no room for error ist has to be done right the first time.

Setup for a live streaming funeral

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