Get Chosen: How Will You Make Your Unskippable Video?

Damon asks: How do you create compelling video within a 5 second timeframe? I can’t imagine editing video into something that short let alone tell a meaningful story. It would drive me nuts. Can you give some examples to get me in the mindset?

Answer: 5 seconds is now called the unskippable video in a sense that it happens so fast there is no time to click. The viewer never had a chance to skip or click away. So you literally have 5 seconds to create something that will get your message across, be remembered and have the user take action. How is this done?

  • Go big
  • Go fast
  • Grab hold and don’t let go
    • Shock
    • Awe
    • Delight
    • Challenge
  • Take the time to tell your story


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