How Video Production Companies Get Clients

Kyle asks: How do video production companies get clients? My business partner and I are struggling trying to get a video production company off of the ground. We have all of the necessary equipment and skills, but we are having the hardest time finding new clients. How do video production companies get new clients?

Answer: Given that video is still the most powerful, untapped media on the internet it seems that you are perfectly placed to show how to use it best. The exact solution(s) of course depends on what kind of business you are trying to develop, e.g., corporate training videos, product demonstrations, or weddings, etc.

It is imperative that you pick the right topic that will speak to their self-interest and motivate your target prospects to want to watch what you have to offer. The content most not be about how wonderful you are, you are going to demonstrate that by the incredible finished product, but be information that will make your prospect look like a rock star to their boss. If done right you can become the domain expert and go-to guy/girl of that kind of video production.

For example sake, let’s say you are trying to develop your corporate product demo video business. Create a video series on best practices for creating those kinds of videos. Make them 3 to 5 minutes so when someone finds them on the Internet they will be more likely to watch it; longer times increase peoples hesitancy to committing to taking a look.

Additionally, it is better to have two 4-minute videos than one 8-minute video. For several reasons including this next idea: to get more millage out of the videos you can post your series on YouTube. Ever notice that some of the first returns on Google are often videos? Where do you think your prospects look for video production services? Also, YouTube is about the 3rd large search engine in its own right. This makes clean, targeted keywords in the title, description, and tags vital to getting found.

It gets better. You can include interviews with the experts in your best practices series. Why not use your project to get face time with the prospects on your business development list? They have made videos before, and have knowledge about real world results and what worked best. And who doesn’t like to think of themselves as experts.

While you need to be careful not to make the interviewee feel dumb by asking questions that are too tough, you can gently demonstrate your domain expertise through the interview process.

If you have done this project right you will have content that will be found in searched by people you want to do business with, face time with top prospects, and content that your target market will WANT to share with their friends and colleagues that have the same interest.

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