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Veronica asks: I’m working from home as a freelance video editor to supplement my income and want to increase my client base. Are there any  specific websites geared for video professionals that I should be aware of that clients visit and search looking to hire people like me? What sites should I be putting my services on? Where can I find more work?

Answer:  Just remember that in the media industry, word of mouth and networking are still your best way of landing your next gig. So, be social and connect with others in your industry in the real world. However, making yourself present online is just as important.

Here is a list of 26 sites where you can put yourself out there. If you know of any other websites that might be helpful for film and video pros who are looking for work, share them in the comments below.


Buy and sell custom video content and video related services. Hire freelance video producers, editors and marketers to CREATE, EDIT and MARKET video content.


A platform that allows media professionals anywhere to find more work, build their portfolios, manage their businesses and be part of a global community with the same mission.


They have an interesting model where the client can go either way with the company when needing a video produced. They encourage and discourage the “create it yourself” route with the cold hard truth; “Producing a one-minute small business marketing video takes 5 hours with experience, 10 to 15 hours when first learning.” Now that encourages the client to hire a videographer – where you come in. Be one of the over 500 Pros ready to shoot. Clients contact you directly. No middleman. No strings.


An online community where artists share and showcase their creative work.


As its tag line suggests, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 400 million million professionals throughout the world, as well as media companies of all sizes.


Find job postings from every major corporation, including studios like NBCUniversal, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros. Whether you’re looking for a studio job or another freelance gig, you can find it here.

While there are plenty of general professional and creative job sites to be found, Mandy is dedicated to film and television production work. Competition is fierce on this site – so make sure you stand out.

Media Job Search Canada

If you’re a Canadian looking for work under the umbrella of media or someone looking to land a job in the country this is the place to look.


Probably the largest media production job site on the net. Every major studio or television network has found crew members through ProductionHub. Just keep in mind that it will cost you a monthly fee to use the site.

Stage 32

As a “Facebook” for media professionals, Stage 32 connects industry pros from all over the world. As Forbes said in an article, “Stage 32 is meets LinkedIn for film, television, and theater creatives.” Now totaling over 500,000 users, viable production jobs are posted daily.


What?!?! Yes, Fiverr.

Fiverr is a platform where people offer to perform all kinds of tasks for the tiny fee of five dollars. We know, it’s an insult to peddle your years of experience and professional knowledge for only $5 bucks but look at is lead generation and a way to get yourself out there to showcase your skills.  You can always up sell your services and it’s a way to gain exposure and work with a variety of worldwide clients to build relationships. I guarantee your presence on here will lead to bigger things.

Smart Shoot

They provide the tools & expertise to source & manage thousands of shoots around the globe which enables them to help any company find the right photographer or videographer for your local shoot.  Get yourself posted here along with your photo or video job for free and receive competitive bids from top professionals within minutes.

Creative Cow Job Search

Jobs Offered, Jobs Wanted, Services Offered

It’s FREE to post job offers or search for jobs, add your resumé, or list your company in their services offered registry. It’s FREE for jobs and services related to film, broadcast, video and audio.

Video Pixie

Connects clients — like retailers and brands — with video production professionals. Clients post in Videopixie what they are looking for, and the creators bid on the project. Videopixie largely sees projects that range in the $1,000 to $10,000 range, though they regularly go as high as $50,000.

Those creators then show their portfolio of work to the buyer, who then decides which one to go with. Initially, Videopixie focused on post-production work — like video editing — but quickly expanded to all the steps of the process after multiple requests from its clients.


No explanation is needed here.


A localized freelance job board for finding projects in your area. It’s free to use as a freelancer and doesn’t charge any commission, and you can customize your profile and work directly with clients from the start.


Lets you search for contract jobs in any location. They have thousands of job listings, though they’re not limited to just tech jobs. Just search for the job title and optionally the city and state, and then refine the results to just include contract positions.


A huge job board specifically for freelance jobs. Much of the jobs listed on the site are tech jobs, with listings for designers, developers, marketers, SEO specialists, and more.

Working Nomad

Remote jobs for digital working nomads. Work remotely from your home or places around the world.


A large freelance job board that covers a huge variety of positions. There are job listings for web developers, designers, mobile developers, sales and marketing pros, and more.


Another large freelance job board that includes tech as well as other positions. There are more jobs listed for tech and web than any other category, making it a good options for designers and developers.

Smashing Jobs

Part of Smashing Magazine, has a large listing of freelance tech jobs (they also have listings for full-time jobs). Smashing Jobs posts primarily developer jobs, though there are tons of video production and new media jobs listed, too.

Mashable Job Board

Devoted to digital and tech jobs around the world. They’re used by some of the top companies in the world to find talent, including MTV News, Omaze, and more. Search for freelance in the keywords to find the appropriate listings.


Specifically for creative jobs, with job postings from companies all over the world. They have a separate category for freelance work. In addition to web designer and developer jobs, they also list other creative and tech jobs.

Authentic Jobs

Lets you filter for freelance, contract, or moonlighting jobs from companies around the world. They have listings for everything from project managers to backend developers to content strategists.


A job board just for creatives. Krop sets itself apart from many others by letting you host your portfolio on their site.

Stack Overflow Careers

Lists both full-time and contract positions. They mostly list developer and engineer jobs, though related fields are sometimes listed, too.

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