Impossible: Producing “The Perfect Video”

Dan asks: It’s been almost two years in the process – my perfect, 15 minute video is almost completed. Just a few touch ups and I’m done. On my third video production now and I have to say it has been grueling. How can anyone get into this field of work and have a life?

Answer: Dan…seriously? Two years for 15 minutes of video? You’ve been listening and viewing The DV Show for a long time. We know how you work and we’re kinda friends so we can rip you apart without offense when answering your question.

Take our loving advice:


Perfectionism leads to Paralysis which then leads to Procrastination. Using this formula again for a 30 minute video would likely take you 4 years to complete.


Perfectionists are those who understand the outstanding potential they have but fail to have it explored because they have the fear of making mistakes. Perfectionists may be seen as people who aren’t pleased with anything that fails to meet high standards. You’ve become the stereotypical emo-filmmaker that will just die if his or her film isn’t perfect in every way.


The perfect video does not exist. Get sh*t done!

Get it that no one is perfect and no video you make will ever be perfect! Everyone has individual strengths and weaknesses and we will all get our buts kicked from time to time by our critics over them. So what?! In your quest to create great videos you will encounter difficulties and even failure sometimes; that’s not enough to make you look down on yourself or your work. You can always get up when you fall! Also note that you are not expected to know everything and that the art of filmmaking will always be a work in progress; don’t waste your time or energy worrying about what you cannot do but allow your curiosity lead you to learning at a reasonable pace.

Practice makes (near) perfect!

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