Learn Why Editing on Mobile Has Never Been Easier

With tablets and phones rivaling laptops and cameras in filmmaking, editing your work was always the next milestone. Here are the tools to do just that.

Tablets like the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Samsung Galaxy, along with cutting-edge smartphones such as the iPhone, Galaxy, and the Sony Xperia 1 IV have enough power and spectacular imaging technology to become all-in-one mobile filmmaking devices.

The next step has always been for non-linear editing apps to catch up. Today creatives have the recently updated LumaFusion, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Rush to choose from. There are also a bunch of cinematography apps, such as FiLMiC Pro and Pro Camera by Moment, that can help filmmakers create their next masterpiece on their mobile devices.


The LumaFusion version 3.1 update has been released, and it’s added a whole host of professional, real-time Scopes to streamline and enhance color grading and effects workflows. Plus, editors can add multiple LUTs and Effects to a clip.

The developers at LumaTouch have been pushing the envelope with LumaFusion, making it a full-fledged professional NLE for the iPhone and iPad. Users get multitrack, precise video, and audio editing (up to six video/audio tracks); effects; transitions; color grading tools; HDR support with 10-bit processing; multicam; support of common codecs; Frame.io support; and much more.

LUTsCredit: LumaTouch

The LumaFusion ver. 3.1 update adds:

Real-time, customizable Scopes, including Histograms, Waveforms, and Vectorscopes, located in the Color & Effects editor. These help with overall color grading.Add multiple LUTs and effects to any clip on the Timeline.Reorder audio effects.Improved Timeline lasso selection and drag-and-drop features.Automatic project backup.Import and Restore automatic project backups, found in the Project Manager.Easily searchable and categorized keyboard shortcuts (iOS 15).And more fixes and improvements. LumaFusion for iPad and iPhoneCredit: LumaTouch

Your iPhone or iPad can become a full-fledged production studio by writing the script on the device, filming it with the built-in camera and an app like FiLMiC Pro, and editing it in LumaFusion.

How about adding a lens adapter and some lenses? Moment has you covered. You really don’t need to use another device, such as a laptop. But there is the option to export to Final Cut Pro X with LumaFusion’s FCPXML feature.

Other Options

The whole landscape for mobile filmmaking is already inexpensive, thanks to iMovie (iOS) and Adobe Premiere Rush (iOS, Android, Windows). Premiere Rush has support for more codecs and devices, and if you’re using Creative Cloud, you get it for free. Otherwise, it is $9.99 per month.

If you own a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you already have iMovie included, which gives you a reasonably good video editor. You can even import your project into Final Cut Pro X for further editing and mastering your cut. Adobe Premiere Rush has plenty of pro-level features, and you can import your project into Premiere Pro without trouble.

The LumaFusion ver. 3.1 update is available now and free for existing users. It costs $29.99 and is a one-time purchase vs. a subscription. Learn more at LumaTouch’s site, where you can also join the community, get free support, dive into LumaFusion tutorials, and learn editing fundamentals with their Academy.

Whatever your thoughts on the mobile workflow, it’s never been an easier time to be a creative with so many tools at your fingertips.      

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