Changes to this BBQ Video Increased Sales

We came across a decent video on TikTok that had some potential to be better.

It’s a video ad for a small, roadside BBQ pop-up restaurant in California. After watching the original, we thought it could use some extra spices from our success formula to give it a little more “flavor”!

What was added:

  1. A catchier, more manly tune that appeals to target audience
  2. Colorization to makee the food look jucier
  3. Edited out shots that didn’t make the food look as appetizing
  4. Added stock footage of juicy, mouth-watering, smokey, ribs on the grill
  5. Reduced the speed on some of that footage
  6. Zoomed in on the product while leaving out the ugly green glove handling the food (noticed how we added the TikTok logo back in?)
  7. Added social proof in the end (the opening shot could have had more people around the tent too)
  8. Added a catchy slogan (which is on the outside of their tent)
  9. Added a clear call to action that lasts longer
  10. Added scarcity psychology tactic – “only open Fri-Sun night” (scarcity)

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