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so you made a video you’re proud of it you put it on YouTube you put it on Facebook even showed your grandma she loves it but you put it on Instagram and suddenly you feel disappointed well why would that be well the thing about Instagram is that it cuts her video off at the one-minute mark in the tiny little screen on our smart phones aren’t exactly the optimal viewing experience for widescreen videos well don’t worry because I’ve been there and today I’m gonna show you my workflow for making

Instagram videos and how you can make banger Instagram content and get the most out of the Instagram platform on Instagram you have two options for sharing videos you have posts and you have stories a story lasts about 24 hours and then it disappears forever unless you archive the story with the new Instagram story I don’t know you probably know what I’m talking about haven’t used it yet and then with posts you can put them on your feed and they live there forever I’m sure if you’re watching this video you’re probably

already familiar with how Instagram works if you want to get the most out of the Instagram platform for a video viewing experience then you have to consider three different aspect ratios you can go with the 1080 by 1080 square which is always a safe bet or you can go with the 1080 by 1350 which is great for posts if you want to fill the screen to its maximum potential and for stories if you really want to fill that entire smartphone screen you can go with 900 by 1600 so how do you take a video you’ve already made and show it to the best of

your ability on Instagram let’s hop in a final cut and I will show you my workflow but keep in mind this does work for premiere as well so here’s a video I shot for a restaurant here in Toronto called su & boo they make sushi burritos but in this video we’re covering the creation of their sushi burger and this is actually their new version of the sushi burger where the bun is made out of deep fried rice patties but the difference is that with this one they’ve covered the buns or these rice patties

with crushed up cheetos and doritos it’s actually really good but basically the whole point of this video is to go through the motions of how they make this sushi burger so that they can put it on Facebook and Instagram or wherever they like so that people see it their mouth waters they go in and they buy it hashtag marketing so what we’re looking at right now is the version that was originally made for Facebook in full widescreen but all I did to this footage was chop it up to some music I added a color grade some speed ramping some

transitions and it looks like this so obviously this video is in the sixteen by nine but we want them get it in that vertical orientation so that we can optimize the amount of real estate we have on a smartphone screen and this is how we’re gonna do it the first thing we’re gonna do is highlight the entire project everything including the audio all the clips any adjustment layers and we’re gonna hit command C and we’re gonna copy it we’re gonna create a new project and title it Instagram and when

we pick the resolution in the format of the video we’re gonna make sure that it is set to custom and we’re gonna enter 1080 by 1350 we’re gonna keep the framerate at 24 P and we’re gonna hit OK so now we’ve got this brand-new project and we’re gonna take this playhead back to the very beginning hit command V and we’re good to go now you will notice that obviously it is not taking up the entire screen we have these awkward black bars on top and underneath the footage now what many people do which i

think is a bad idea is to go into each individual clip and change the scale to make it fit and the problem with this is that if you have any key framing or transitions in your video this could potentially screw that up so we’re not gonna do that instead what we’re gonna do is add an adjustment layer over top the entire video and we’re going to increase the scale on the adjustment layer to about two hundred and twenty three until it fits the entire thing now that the video fills the whole frame now

what we can do is go into each individual clip and move it left or right if we have to to make sure nothing is cut off so for this first clip I may want to move it over to the right just a little bit the second clip I’m gonna want to move over to the left slightly and I’m just going to go through each one and make sure that they’re framed properly and that is pretty much it I think I’ve got them all framed how I like it now keep in mind that when you throw this video up on Instagram it is going

to loop which means once it ends its gonna start back from the beginning automatically so don’t worry too much about how it ends I just like to make sure that it’s not too abrupt and that it kind of has somewhat of a conclusion and ties back into the very beginning just so it’s not super awkward nonetheless the final product will look something like this I hope you enjoyed this video and you found it helpful if you did make sure you hit it with a thumbs up do not forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one

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