20 Million Views, 0 Sales: The Crucial Balance of Video Marketing and Inventory

After you watch the video above, you will see that the power of video marketing is undeniable.

A captivating video has the potential to reach millions, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. However, the journey to success involves more than just mesmerizing visuals. This is the story of a product called ZipString that garnered an astonishing 20 million views through a powerful video and social media presence, but faced the harsh reality of limited sales due to inadequate inventory.

The Video that Ignited a Storm

When ZipString launched their product, they knew the significance of incorporating video marketing into their strategy. ZipString carefully crafted video showcased their product’s unique features and benefits in a way that left viewers in awe – and it was fun! As the video hit the internet, they saw an unprecedented surge in views, quickly reaching a staggering 20 million views.

We were on Kickstarter, Dude Perfect took it on a nationwide stage tour showed it around the world. Today ZipString is in over 50 countries. We’ve had so much exposure plus over over 200 million video views but only $277 thousand dollars in sales.

The Bitter Reality of Limited Sales

While the video’s viral success was thrilling, ZipString soon realized that soaring views didn’t necessarily translate into soaring sales. Their inventory struggled to keep up with the overwhelming demand generated by the video’s popularity. Potential customers were excited to make a purchase, only to be met with disappointment when they found out the product was out of stock.

Why with 20 million views you only sold so little? We were starting to figure that out the demand was there pre-orders were coming we couldn’t make them fast enough we weren’t ready.

The Lessons Learned

  • Balance the Hype: While a viral video can create an extraordinary buzz, it’s essential to strike a balance between marketing excitement and product availability. Having an efficient inventory management system in place can make all the difference in meeting customer expectations.
  • Anticipate Demand: Foreseeing the potential impact of a viral video allows you to prepare for a surge in demand. By forecasting sales and maintaining a buffer inventory, you can ensure your product is always available to meet customer needs.
  • Seize the Moment: When the spotlight shines on your product, seize the moment to convert views into sales. Implement call-to-actions and pre-order options to capture interest and turn it into tangible revenue.
  • Stay True to Your Brand: Viral success can be overwhelming, but it’s crucial to stay true to your brand’s values and maintain product quality. Don’t compromise on your product’s integrity to meet high demand.
  • Turn Challenges into Opportunities: Inventory shortages can be daunting, but they also present a chance to learn and improve. Reinvest profits into scaling production and expanding inventory capabilities.
  • The Recipe for Success: Video + Inventory

The journey of this product taught us that video marketing is a potent catalyst for success. The magic of a well-crafted video can catapult your product into the limelight, generating unparalleled attention. However, a crucial component of converting that attention into sales lies in having ample inventory. When these two elements work in harmony, the results can be astounding.

The Takeaway

Expectation: The best advice for video marketing is to create visually stunning and entertaining content that goes viral, instantly attracting millions of views and customers.

Actual Advice: While creating visually appealing and entertaining content is essential, the best advice for video marketing goes beyond just aesthetics. Focus on crafting videos that resonate with your target audience by addressing their pain points, needs, and aspirations. Tell authentic stories that showcase how your product or service can genuinely make a difference in their lives. Optimize your videos for different platforms and devices to reach a wider audience. Consistency is key – post regularly to keep your audience engaged and build brand loyalty.

Measure the performance of your videos, analyze insights, and adjust your strategies accordingly. Remember, quality over quantity – value relevance and impact over just going viral. Building a strong emotional connection with your audience will lead to long-term success and conversions.


The tale of 20 million views and limited sales serves as a reminder that video marketing alone cannot guarantee lasting success. The true alchemy lies in the fusion of captivating visuals and the ability to meet consumer demand. By embracing the lessons learned, anticipating demand, and maintaining sufficient inventory, businesses can harness the full potential of viral marketing to propel their products to new heights of success. So, remember, when you aim for the stars with a viral video, ensure you have enough products ready to embark on the journey to greatness.

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