AI-Powered Lead Generation For Your Video Business

with 85% of businesses using video as a marketing tool you’re entering into a gold mine as a video business owner or video production freelancer but where are all of these customers why aren’t they contacting you well on this Edition I’m going to teach you how to generate high quality leads with AI in minutes and get your first customer within a week we’re on a mission to rid the world of bad B video bye-bye this is the DV show Target and range bad video sucks thank you so much for joining me on this

edition of the DV Show podcast I am your host Brian and we’re on a mission to rid the world of bad video now bad video is not just a video that looks or sounds bad it’s the entire process from concept to completion to final production and everything in between it all goes into creating amazing video that works for you not against you now with that in mind let’s talk about the basics for your video business lead generation you want clients to give you money but you’re not getting them and it seems

like everyone wants a video but you’re twiddling your thumbs now gone are the days of cold calling and spray and prey marketing tactics on this podcast I’m going to teach you about Precision personal ization and leveraging cuttingedge Technology to connect with potential clients now you’re creative professional and I know you do not like to sell you don’t like cold calling you don’t like sending emails you want to edit you want to do video so if you’re not using AI to generate leads you’re

not getting leads you’re losing out it’s that simple over the next three episodes I’m going to dive deep into into the world of automated and manual lead generation tool for your video business I’m going to uncover some strategies and solutions that will supercharge your marketing efforts and elevate your video production business to new heights with very little effort now before I get into that go on over to the devv show.

com and sign up for free to be part of the community sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay trendy and relevant in the world of video production and marketing and you can also get exclusive access to all of the details of the topic that we discuss on this podcast now if you’re looking for work if you’re looking for a job as a video editor go ahead and check out faster gig.

com now this is a job portal exclusively for video editors like you I built this with my own time my own money we have a very large following on LinkedIn uh video editors and you guys are looking for work so I did this to help out the community and all of it will not cost you a cent all right with all of that in mind let’s answer a listener question Matt asks I just recently started my own video production business we provide video drone and photo services and I have been practically going place to place and dropping off business cards

advertising our videos on our Town’s local Facebook page and so far no leads from your own personal experience what did you do to get the ball rolling Matt thank you so much for listening to the DV show and thank you for your question now keep in mind I’ve been doing this for a very very long time and what I’m not going to tell you is the usual regurgitated common knowledge of networking have a portfolio have your work on your website now all of that is important important but I’m going to go deeper I’m going to

go a little further than surface level with those needed tools to get into professional stealth ninja mode lead generation big companies with tons of clients don’t normally share these techniques and this is the only way to have a pipeline of prospects automatically coming to you giving you work with very little effort now I do want to emphasize that it is crital to have a portfolio of your work this is important social media presence is important you have to have a website these three things need to be in place

before you can take advantage of any of the tools and techniques I’m about to give you now really seriously you have to be ready polished to get work for from a client it will absolutely make no sense if you’re generating thousands of leads for your video business and you have nothing to show or sell right you have to look legit all right so with that said let’s move on let’s talk about your website now if you don’t have one get one if you do have one great now how are you going to drive traffic and collect leads

automatically having a website where you just build it and they’re going to come is not the right way to think your website is your shop your storefront in digital form and one click and a customer is instantly in your shop they are instantly in your world they’re absorbing everything about you now don’t think of a website as a showand tell tool it’s not a portfolio it’s not a brochure think of it as a lead generation tool everything that you do and say should compel the viewer to call click or email you so if they click on a

video they like what they see they should have a phone number or an email address to immediately contact you get them while they’re in the moment now it shouldn’t be static there should be a call to action at every single click it’s the best way to collect data and grow a contact list now I’m not saying bombard the viewer I’m just saying keep that information that contact information about your video business available and visible now sure you have to have a signup form a visible phone number and clear contact information now

these are the basics if you don’t have them on your website now go ahead and put that up there it this requires them to take action now no it requires them to take action but what if I told you that you can be proactive and take action for those who anonymously just browse around and leave without filling in that form sending an email or cold calling you actually take the action those visitors that are shopping around looking for video Pro and they just go poof they just disappear you can actually be proactive and get their

information without lifting a finger here are three tools that you should be using to automatically collect an email address or company information from those High intent visitors who are too lazy to get in touch with you now I know this sounds creepy but it’s marketing and totally legit you can get this all set up and running on your website in just a few minutes it’s not a hack but it is kind of sneaky and it does work Leadfeeder is the first tool now this is a lead generation software that identifies Anonymous website visitors

with the tool you can see which companies visit your landing pages it also reveals the behavior of those companies this lets you contact companies who already seem to be interested in your brand and use your valuable insights about their behavior to your advantage to contact them now with the free version lead feeder light you can get a maximum of 100 leads and data from the last s days now this is huge and cool I know it’s Sneaky but it works FindThatLead is another great tool it’s a prospecting tool for B2B

businesses like you it finds you qualified leads on the internet based on your criteria so once you have a list of potential customers the software helps you send targeted cold emails I mean come on this is a no-brainer this free lead generation tool gets you maximum 50 leads per month you have one user and zapier Integrations it also has chat support and really great documentation on help but trust me it’s easy to use now the very last but not least very cool tool is called GetProspect it’s a lead capture tool that extracts email

addresses from LinkedIn and provides an upto-date B2B database for you the free version lets you discover 100 lead emails per month and you can share the plan with as many users as you want now come on how cool is that these tools are no-brainer tools for you to start getting at least 200 leads per month on your website that are interested in your video production business now that’s all for today in this three-part series on generating leads next week we going to talk about tools and techniques on generating leads

on Twitter and also on Instagram so some pretty cool stuff that you don’t want to miss and keep in mind this podcast is powered by you so send in your comments and questions for next week’s show see you then.

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