Using AI to Create Mesmerizing Video Content

imagine getting into the head of your viewing audience and delivering the exact content they want to watch I’m going to show you a little-known game-changing secret that will enable you to hit the bullseye when it comes to getting the attention of your audience and how you can use AI Voodoo to create targeted content that they’re actually interested in we’re on a mission to rid the world a bad video bye-bye this is the TV show bad video sucks thank you so much for joining me on this edition of the TV

show podcast I’m your host Brian and I’m on a mission to rid the world of bad video and that really starts with you the startup company the small business owner the solopreneur during your all alone those of you who want to take action and start implementing video marketing strategies in their own businesses and to dry growth and success but you just don’t know how or it’s time consuming or too costly we’re here to help you out I’m also talking to you the video professional yes it starts with

you too you want to stay in the Competitive Edge you want to be ahead in a crowded market and I’m going to give you some tips tricks and techniques to give those businesses what they need which is relevant impactful content the TV show is our website sign up for free to be part of the community sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay trendy and relevant in the world of video production and marketing especially social media video and you can also get all the details of the topic we discuss on this podcast

so go ahead and check out as well which is a job portal exclusively for video editors looking for work and all of this will not cost you a cent all right let’s answer a question from a listener I’m a video producer who works with clients who face the challenge of defining Their audience effectively for their video content I use Insight tools like Google analytics Facebook audience insights and website demographics to get a better idea who is going to watch the video and what information is important but I hear

a Persona is easier and the way to go please elaborate now first things first what exactly is a Persona well they’re not just demographical data they’re detailed representations of your ideal audience members so think of a Persona as your videos target audience brought to life so why do personas matter when it comes to creating videos let’s explore a few key reasons personas keep your audience at the heart of your content creation process tailoring your videos to personas ensures that your video resonates with

your viewers different personas have different problems and pain points and knowing personas helps craft messages that speaks to them directly now viewers engage more when they find videos relevant and valuable now imagine you’re running a social media video editing business and you want to be the video editor for influencers now you want to let them know that you’re there to work for them now this simple AI tool creates a persona for you it talks about your customer specific pain points their specific problems that your persona

struggles with it creates some goals for your persona and even gives you actionable insights on how to effectively Market your services to this unique customer now this is valuable information to win them over you want to gain their business and this is the best way to do it speaking to a customer’s pain points and how you can solve them is a huge advantage now that you’re armed with this information let’s create a short promotional video about your video business that speaks directly to these customers

I’m going to use chat GPT to do this and here are the unique prompts now I’m not going to show you these prompts in this video I’d like for you to sign up for free there’s a premium membership on my website at to get all of the details of this tool that I’m using to gather Persona data and the specific chat and GPT prompts now after all this is done this is the video that was produced meet Sarah a passionate creator but she’s been facing a challenge her vision deserves more

Sarah spends hours learning the art of video editing and the software is too expensive complicated and the free version often leaves a watermark the learning curve is steep and it’s taking a toll meanwhile her friends are out having fun one day Sarah stumbles upon something exciting a world of possibilities at her fingertips all she has to do is upload [Applause] she receives her first edited video [Music] pure magic her friends can’t believe their eyes Sarah becomes Unstoppable and consistent with her videos and she reclaims her

free time because Sarah chose to focus on her mental health and work discover the power of professional video editing comment quite to get a video editing quite today because life is too short to be stuck behind a screen now when this video was posted on Facebook in an influencer group this happened now personas are like guiding stars in the vast Universe of video creation understanding your audience personally allows you to create videos that resonate Inspire and connect so remember embrace the power of a Persona before

you even pick up a camera and watch your video creation shine well that does it for this edition of the TV show podcast keep in mind this podcast is powered by you so send in your comments and questions for next week’s show see you then video production just got easier the TV show

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