Another Season of Podcasts

Yep, back in the studio for another 15 episode season!

Jeez, after a brief hiatus, the video production industry decided to pull another unexpected “upgrade” by introducing AI into the mix – (WTH. we were all just getting comfy with mobile and virtual video production – now this?!?) I know it’s causing a big ripple where some of you are either excited or concerned.

It’s time to level the playing field and adhere to the mission of ridding the world of bad video. It starts with our audience: you the wobbly, unsure of what to do video pro, and the business owner looking to survive around the competition…competition who knows what video unlocks for their business and crushing you because of it.

Since 2005 we’ve made a dent in both worlds and produced thousands of shows with some pretty amazing guests, thought provoking topics, and awesome teaching moments. Tips, tricks, technology and some geeky industry fun.

Topics on the first episode:

  • AI video AI’s Impact on the Video Editing Industry
  • Saturated market – everyone is a “video pro” with the real pros losing out
  • Giveaway from stuff in the vault
  • Take a look at our new streaming video studio – go behind the scenes
  • Good video and bad video – this is where we dissect some video marketing campaigns put out by brands- we look at the video and why it flopped or flourished for inspiration

Catch up on all the podcasts then tune in for another round of shows with some new segments.

Be a part of the change.

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