How To Make Money With Video

How To Make Money With Video

Question: Any suggestions on how to make money with video? I would love to know where to find video production work online.

Answer: There are many ways you can make money with video, including working for a filmmaker network, entering video contests, selling stock footage, filming events, and sharing your own videos.

Work for a Filmmaker Network

Smart Shoot

They partner with the world’s premier brands and agencies to bring job opportunities to pros like you. Join over 10,000 professional photographers and filmmakers who work with SmartShoot to grow their business.


Videopixie is a marketplace for video production that allows its millions of users and businesses to search for someone who can create a video for their website, promotions, projects etc.

Production Beast

They describe themselves as “A MIGHTY JOB BOARD FOR VIDEO PROFESSIONALS”. This is where productions discover and hire the best creative professionals.


Join their global community of talented filmmakers and make money pursuing your passion. Explore unique local sites around the world and have your work be seen on many major media properties.

GeoBeats, Inc. is an award-winning online video network based out of the Washington DC metro area. Leveraging its global network of local filmmakers and innovative production process, GeoBeats has developed expertise in production and distribution of professional web videos. From many of the world’s largest media groups to smaller, independent companies rely on GeoBeats’ video content and delivery solutions for boosting their on-demand video offerings.

With a network of filmmakers that spans over 45 countries, they can shoot videos in literally any location around the world.


Search 10,142 production and media jobs! Use Premium Features to react fast to opportunity and increase your odds of getting hired.


With Mediamobz, businesses can search for filmmakers, view their previous work and reels, ratings, reviews, etc…. to determine if that filmmaker is a good fit.

  • Register and Create Your Profile
  • Tell them about yourself and upload sample work.
  • Search for jobs in your area
  • Apply for jobs and get work!

Work for a Real Estate Videographer Network


What better way to make some extra mullah on those days you’re not shooting the big jobs? Make between $700 and $1000 per week for the equivalent of one day’s worth of work. Wellcomemat is a no brainer.

Users who need a video can Instantly find and hire the highest rated videographers in their area by submitting their zip code.

On the video project board, anyone can list an available video project for quotes. Clients can post a project, or send a quote. It’s simple.

Creating a WellcomeMat account is completely free and does not require a credit card. As an added bonus, we propel all of our new members into a free-no credit card needed-30 day trial of their PRO service. If you like being a PRO, upgrade. If you are not ready to upgrade, enjoy the Basic service, 100% free of charge.

Get Yourself Discovered

Get on Google’s Ad Creation Marketplace

More videos about Google Marketplace

The Ad Creation Marketplace is a searchable directory of specialists who help business owners with every step in creating a television commercial. Users simply request a bid from a list of qualified professionals and the specialist they select works to create a custom TV commercial.

They are currently offering to reimburse you for ads created through the marketplace, up to the cost of $2000.

Youtube Creative Services Partner

Turn your ambition into action. Explore YouTube’s resources and search for companies that can help grow your business.

To be eligible for inclusion in Creator Services Directory your company must be a directly managed YouTube partner, and your company must advise creators, manage content or content rights on behalf of creators, or do other work that provides value to YouTube creators.

Enter Video Contests

There are lots of film contests out there, and just by making a one- or two-minute video, you can win $500 or even $20,000 – sweet! The best way to hear about the latest video contests is to visit this post: 21 Video Contests You Can Win Right Now.

Sell Stock Footage

Many websites are in the business of reselling stock footage, typically on a commission basis. People buy stock footage to use in news broadcasts, in their own videos, or even to practice motion graphics effects. You can shoot anything – the sky, the ocean, your dog reading your calculus book even the footage you shot for one of the filmmaker networks mentioned above – and see if someone out there wants to buy it!

There are tons of sites online to submit your footage to. Here are a few in this post: Master list: Sell Your Stock Video Online

Use Search tools

By using a special search operator with Google search, you can find work that isn’t listed on regular job boards. Doing this lets you apply to positions that aren’t receiving many applications, thereby lowering the competition and increasing your chances of getting an interview.

Simply use the search term “videographer, Massachusetts” or “videographer Arizona” to let Google find jobs in your area.

To search other websites offering jobs use a defined Boolean search to get more specific. Here are some examples to insert into Google’s search bar. Just customize the text within the parenthesis: (‘hiring videographer’) AND (‘greater Boston area’)

realestate intitle: looking for videographer” inurl:”looking for videographer”

Even find people to connect with on LinkedIn: (‘greater Boston area’) AND (‘videoeditor’)

Use Freelance Job Boards

Freelance gives professionals that chance to submit projects and work on their own terms and in their own time – most of the time.

Here are some of the more popular sites that people use.

Here’s the big difference between freelance professionals and others: freelancers find their own gigs. The online market is full of them, and the jobs abound.

Use “Remote” Work Job Boards

Below are some remote job boards that you can use to land full-time remote video related jobs.

Search ATS sites for remote video jobs using Google

To start, choose an ATS site to target.

Here are the most popular ATS sites:

  • *
  • *
  • * (part of JazzHR)

use this in Google search bar

site:[ATS URL] [job keywords] [remote/telecommute]


site:* app engineer telecommute

Additional resources:

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