Product videos that convert

5 Tips for Product Videos That Convert

These 5 tips for product videos that convert will help! Research shows that adding a product video to an online listing boosts buyer confidence and conveys valuable information photos alone can’t provide.

Throwing up a shaky, hand held cell phone video is not good enough. Photos edited together with fancy transitions is lazy and missing the opportunity video offers.

Having a BAD video will ruin a sale and ruin your branding while a well produced, thought out video will increase sales and enhance your branding.

Five Tips

  • Add some social proof – Consumers want to purchase products from people who recommend the product. Working in people who are actually on screen, using the product, communicates genuine proof that it met someone else’s expectations and could also meet theirs.
  • Show the product right away – If someone clicks to watch your product video, they want to know more — at that very moment. Don’t hesitate to boldly present your product within the first 15 seconds. If you fail to deliver on the instant information they demand, you may lose their business and interest.
  • Have an attention grabbing thumbnail image – a thumbnail image has major influence over whether or not someone clicks to watch your video. In this case, it should represent your product and your brand.
  • Include mobile shoppers – 80 percent of users shop via mobile device while inside brick and mortar stores/ Don’t leave them out when creating content.
  • Keep your product videos on brand – Help shoppers qualify your brand and start building trust. Be consistent with using your brand voice and style within your product video. If your brand is casual and funny, keep things lighthearted. If it’s serious and direct, get to the point and put the most important information up front.

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