Humanizing Video Production in the Age of AI

In a recent episode of The DV Show, host Brian Alves delved into the rapidly evolving landscape of video production, emphasizing the significant role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the industry. The show featured a blend of expert opinions, industry insights, and a deep dive into the concept of humanizing video production.

AI’s Role in Video Production

The podcast kicked off with a discussion about AI’s growing influence in video production. Guests like Phil Werner, founder and CEO of Maker Suite, and David Nordine of Edmund shared their insights on AI tools reshaping the industry. Video professional Nick Camp also contributed his perspective on embracing AI, highlighting its potential to revolutionize video editing and production.

The Human Element in Video Production

Despite technological advancements, the podcast stressed the importance of human creativity in storytelling. Brian argued that technology, while crucial, is not the sole determinant of success in video production. The art of storytelling and creativity remains timeless, transcending technological changes.

Tom Langan’s Insights on Video Production and His Book “Legendeering”

Special guest Tom Langan, an Emmy award-winning video producer, joined the show to discuss his book “Legendeering” The book offers a unique strategy for humanizing business through video communication. Tom emphasized that successful video production is not just about the tools or technology but about crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

The DV Show’s Mission

The show reiterated its mission to eradicate bad video. The concept of ‘bad video’ was explored, defined as content that fails to engage or achieve its intended purpose. This segment underscored the importance of perfection in storytelling and the dangers of obsessing over tools at the expense of the message.


The DV Show episode concluded with a reminder that video production is evolving, and professionals in the field must adapt to stay relevant. The discussion with Tom Langan and the focus on AI underscored the need for a balanced approach, combining technological advancements with the timeless art of storytelling.

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