Navigating AI in Video Production: A Conversation with Nic Camp

Having been a cornerstone of the digital video community since 2005, The DV Show podcast has been a platform for addressing listener questions and shedding light on emerging trends in video production.

We know AI in video production is a topic that evokes mixed feelings in the creative community.

While some view it as a threat to traditional video production jobs, others see it as an enabler of efficiency and creativity.

I position myself right in the middle, acknowledging both perspectives. As a frequent user of AI, I empathize with those apprehensive about this technological shift. Yet, I also advocate for exploring the practical and positive aspects of AI in our field.

The keyword for 2024 in the video production industry is ‘adapt.’

Adaptation is not unique to our industry; it’s a universal response to technological evolution. Reflecting on the transition from silent films to talkies, we see how adaptability played a key role in the success of icons like Charlie Chaplin. Similarly, today’s video producers must embrace AI to stay relevant and successful.

Our special guest, Nic Camp, exemplifies this adaptability. As a visionary who has successfully integrated AI into his business strategy, Nick shares his journey of transformation, resilience, and foresight. His experiences offer valuable insights into how AI is reshaping video production, not just changing the game but setting new rules.

In today’s digital era, platforms like are instrumental in connecting video professionals with AI-related job opportunities. Such initiatives highlight the growing need for professionals to harness AI to their advantage.

Our discussion extends to the practical applications of AI in video production, from automated video storyboarding tools like pictory to advanced audio enhancements. These tools are revolutionizing the way we create content, saving time and elevating production quality.

As we explore AI in video production throughout this week, we invite you to join our conversations with industry experts like Philip Werner from Maker Suite, David Nordine from Edmund AI, and Tom Langan, author of ‘Legend Dearing.’ These discussions aim to demystify AI in video production and inspire professionals to adapt and thrive in this new landscape.

In conclusion, the DV Show podcast is more than just a learning platform; it’s a community for video professionals to engage, share, and grow. Our mission is to rid the world of bad video, and embracing AI is a significant step in that direction.

Join us in this journey of exploration and adaptation in the world of AI and video production.

Remember, creating better video in 2024 starts with embracing change.

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