Is This Client Video Impossible to Create?

I just received an email from a client asking me to produce a short 20 second video showing children being amazed at their new marine exhibits.

They want the video for Tuesday April 21, 2020

Apparently, a sponsor is ready to pull my client’s funding and he wants to impress them with a video during a Zoom call for continued support.

I’m known for helping clients in a bind and completing projects fast so I would instantly start arranging kid auditions with a talent agency, get on the phone with aquarium staff for off hour shooting times, gather a small crew, lighting, sound…all logistics are running through my head…blah, blah…but wait!

This is very last minute. The weekend is approaching and social distancing is NOT going to make this video possible.

  • The talent agency is closed and not auditioning
  • We’re not going to be able to interact with talent.
  • We can’t shoot video in the aquarium because it’s also closed.

I have nothing! This %#$$!! pandemic is slowing me down!

My peers are telling me to let the project go or saying it’s impossible to accomplish.

But I am NOT going to back down. I’m able to do this!

Join me on Monday, April 20, 2020 @ 11 am EST (this webinar already took place. Click the replay button below.) and watch me pull this project together LIVE, in real time online at

The web camera is on and the editing software is being fired up as I welcome you to watch me attempt to create a seemingly impossible client video from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING directly to your screen at home.

My goal is to get a video in the client’s hands within 2 hours and to inspire you.

Will I do it? or miserably fail? is this live production going to be a flop?

You will just have to watch…and learn!

Watch the replay

7 thoughts on “Is This Client Video Impossible to Create?

  1. Glad you mentioned this is “not copyrighted material” I heard it dozens of times! “not copyrighted material””not copyrighted material””not copyrighted material” hahaha

    I think you made it clear.

  2. This makes me feel so much more impressed by the earlier videos. I don’t know what I thought it took to make the videos but this is so much more work. Awesome stuff! ELITE VIDEOGRAPHERS GO! hahaha

  3. I spent years editing slow! This is a great video that covers the quick side of video editing by a professional. I come back to my subscriptions and WHOOP! Impressive!!

  4. I’ve searched for live video editing video for a while. I’m glad that my conclusions we’re right all along editing can be done quickly!

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