Male or Female Voiceover for Product Videos?

Male or Female Voiceover for Product Videos?

It’s a fact: a wise choice of voice actors can make a video trustworthy and attractive, while a poor choice of voice actor can degrade a well-made video.

But what is better for voiceovers, male or female voices? This has been a long-debated question that doesn’t seem to have any definitive answer. This article will take a look at some of the factors to look at when deciding to choose between a male or female voice for a voiceover.

The Research

In a research study featured on the VoiceBunny blog, male and female voices seemed to appeal to different demographics.

A head-to-head comparison between male and female voice actors revealed the following:

  • In terms of forcefulness, 48% of the respondents said that male voices sounded more forceful, while 49% of those surveyed said that sex made no difference.
  • 46% of respondents said that female voices were more soothing, while 46% said sex didn’t make any difference.
  • 28% of respondents felt that a male voice was “more likely to sell me a car” compared to just 7% who chose a female’s voice.
  • 23% also said that a male voice was “more likely to sell me a computer” compared to just 7% who picked a female.

A deeper analysis

Target demographics play a key part in determining whether a male or female voice should be used. If your product or service is directed at middle-aged women, a middle-aged female voice will better identify with the target audience.

Location can play a part in your choice as well, especially if the area has a strong accent or noticeable factor. Using a voice actor or actress that has these same characteristics can also help better identify with the local consumers.

Male Voiceover

The male voiceover is typically utilized for selling products aimed at a male consumer like beer and tools.  Female voices are typically used for toilet paper, cleaning and laundry commercials. However, the same study found that two-thirds of respondents believe that gender does not matter when selling items such as cars and computers, while only one-fourth of respondents stated they believe male voices were more productive when selling these items.

Female Voiceover

A study from The Voice Realm found that 66% of internet video viewers prefer a female voiceover than that of a male. Female voices are viewed as more friendly and trustworthy and used for specific products such as feminine and makeup products that are directed at a female consumer base.


If you wish for your voiceover to convey a more forceful message, a male voiceover talent will be more productive. For a more soothing message, a female voiceover talent will be the most productive. Depending on the type of product or service that is being sold, each scenario may be different. Always remember to plan your videos before beginning, and that includes the hiring stage!

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