Mobile Studio Essentials: Three iPhones and an iPad

Steve asks: I’m a video journalist with small gear out in the field producing videos for a local news organization in Kentucky. I want to start producing a three camera, daily report from a studio and invite guests in, state officials, etc. Any ideas on equipment? The setup?

Answer: On his website, mobile journalist Robb Montgomery gets into the heart of his small studio on a recent Periscope broadcast.

Robb uses the studio to quickly produce event videos for webinars, live shows for social streams, and video tutorials for e-learning courses.

Here is Robb’s equipment list:

1. Switching software – iPad Pro running Teradek’s Live:Air app.

2. Camera one – an iPhone 6+ A small lens from Olloclip is attached to the frame for a presenter.

3. Camera two – an iPhone 6S+ – placed into an Osmo Mobile rig. The microphone is not really needed in this configuration as he explains in the video.

4. Camera three – iPhone 4s holds a $120 Parrot teleprompter.


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