Selling Video Production

Sales can be a thankless job. Creative professionals have a hard time with it.

But you have to do it.

When the phone isn’t ringing and clients aren’t knocking on your door to hand you more work, there’s only one thing left to do. Dust off the old LinkedIn Navigator subscription and start prospecting…


Actually, there’s more to selling video production services than a few LinkedIn connection requests or going crazy with annoying social media posts.

A well-crafted cold email is a highly targeted tool that will reach your prospects and get you the sale if pitched correctly.

When your prospective client sees your email in their inbox, will they be impressed with how unique and genuine you are? Or, will your message get lost in the sea of other vendors who are pitching a list of creative services?

It’s easy to impress someone with your creativity when you’re in the room with them.

Maybe you’ve got some cool tattoos, or you wear a trendy button-up shirt. It’s easier for clients to feel the creativity when you’re in the room – but it’s much harder through an email or a LinkedIn message.

I often see studios talk too much about themselves. They all use the same words: award-winning, multi-disciplinary, collaborative, passionate and so forth. This approach is boring and unimaginative.

If you call yourself a “creative storyteller,” why aren’t you telling YOUR story in a creative way?

Make selling video production easier and watch the example in this video – itf takes a bad cold email and takes it to the next level!

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