Take the quality pledge

Take the quality pledge

Take the pledge and join us in our mission to rid the world of bad video!

What is bad video?

  • Video that is not strategically placed
  • Video that doesn’t speak to the intended audience
  • Video that doesn’t get results
  • Video that doesn’t show a return on investment
  • Bad video doesn’t generate leads
  • It doesn’t engage
  • Has no interaction
  • Has little views
  • Has no call to action
  • Sounds horrible
  • Looks horrible
  • Takes forever to get to the point
  • And…steals precious time away from those who watch

Connect yourself with our crack team of entrepreneurial video production misfits who are eager to offer expert advice, tips, tactics and techniques on how to make video work for you, not against you.

Please rise, raise your right hand, and read aloud in front of witnesses:

I, [state your name], promise not to inflict lame video on my friends, relatives, customers, or complete strangers who might find it on YouTube
because I put something about sex in the title.

I hereby promise that I will always keep the microphone very close to the people talking or use an external mic if I’m too far away. If the picture is too dark to see, I won’t use it. If I left my thumb in front of the lens, I won’t use that shot.

If the person I’m shooting is so far away you can’t even see them, I promise not to make anyone watch—not even my mother—for more than 10 seconds.

Unless it’s footage I accidentally took of a once-in-a-lifetime thing, like my son catching Alex Rodriguez’s record-breaking 610th home run or a thief breaking into my car, I promise to keep jerky, hard-to-follow video entirely to myself, erasing it where possible.

I, [state your name], pledge to conform to a higher technical standard, realizing that making someone watch bad video is disrespectful, that in most cases they would chew off their leg to get away from it, and that technical problems will keep them from appreciating the funny/cute/beneficial/talented/shocking thing I’m trying to share with them in the first place.

In short, I, [state your name], pledge to think about how to make quality video for my audience at the same time as I’m thinking about getting my point across. I won’t make anyone watch anything so crappy-looking that I wouldn’t watch it voluntarily if they handed it to me.

You may be seated.

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