Social Media and the Personalities they Connect With

Kevin asks: What social media platform is best when wanting to reach a specific customer persona? We just created a 5 video social campaign for a juice mixer and was wondering where we could get the most results in little time? Social media marketing for small business is important.

Answer: Knowing your audience is central to any video marketing strategy. Customizing video content specifically for who is watching maximizes results in a huge way – being able to attract high-value targeted visitors, leads, and customers to your business is what we strive for.

That is awesome that you’re into customer personas. Not many video production companies know about this technique to get to know an audience better. For those of you not using customer personas before production you should! It’s basically creating a fictional character shaped out of bits of information like education level, family life, career and income, and maybe even details like a name and personality traits. This helps you conceptualize and “talk to” your average target customer, and it serves as an ideal tool to create targeted content they would engage with.

So, how do you get your ideal audience to engage with your brand on social media? The answer is knowing what social media platforms and what personalities they most often connect with. To do this, we’ve turned them into personas, similar to high school cliques, that are sure to help you find your perfect social media platforms. This will help you to obtain more traffic and engagement in no time.


If Facebook were a person in high school, they would be the all-around friendly individual who knows someone from every group and is loved by all. In business, this means Facebook is a persuasive force who can relate to every age, location, sex, religion, and income level. Having such a vast audience gives you the ability to hone your demographic and tailor your buyer personas accordingly.

With events, ad campaigns, and groups all available through the platform, you have multiple ways to promote your brand. If your brand is one that works for all types of people, or one that isn’t quite sure where they currently fit, Facebook is the perfect advocate for your business.


Is your brand “in the know?” Do you often make jokes that tie into pop culture or provide something unique that younger, more adventurous individuals love? If so, Instagram is the platform for you.

Instagram has over 1 billion daily users, and the vast majority of them are below the age of 35. A brand focused on teenagers or twenty-somethings would be perfect for this platform. For example, if your brand sells clothing or makeup, you’re in the right place. Similarly, if your brand is all about adventure, such as extreme sports or hiking, Instagram’s photo-centric platform is ideal for your marketing efforts. In addition, Instagram hashtags for businesses are becoming a major marketing element, and employing them is sure to benefit you and your brand significantly.


Is your brand’s personality the type that rarely posts memes or jokes but focuses on industry highlights and statistics? Are you a “business-forward” company that doesn’t care for internet culture, preferring business tips and tricks and making valuable connections? If so, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you and your brand. However, many people don’t recognize the true lead generation power of LinkedIn, which is where knowing more about the platform comes into play.

LinkedIn is popular with college-educated individuals, who are more likely to buy products than people on any other social media platform. These individuals tend to be older than those found on other social media platforms as well, with 27% of U.S. internet users in the age bracket of 30 to 49 years old using this platform.

If your brand is something that caters to business professionals in the middle-aged demographic, and your personality is more statistical than satirical, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you.


The best “clapbacks” come from Twitter. Serving as a platform primarily covering news, recent discoveries, and upcoming events, Twitter is the perfect location for a brand that is both quirky and informed. Although you may be able to get away with simply being informed and consistent, the most popular Twitter accounts are also able to engage in conversation and deliver powerful and clever retorts.

If your business is known for clever banter, quirky views on hot topics, and consistently being up-to-date with current events, Twitter is the ideal location for you. 500 million tweets are sent every day, and 365 million people use Twitter every month. If your company is the quirky and informed type, you’re in luck.


We’ve discussed video marketing before, and it becomes more prevalent each day. Video marketing offers an outlet that other social media platforms lack. This outlet is founded on unique and personable individuals who share their stories, hobbies, ideas, and personalities with their audiences through frequent video posts.

If your brand’s personality is unique, and your staff and products make you personable and friendly, YouTube is the channel for you. According to Hubspot, “one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day [and] YouTube has over 1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users.” On top of this, according to a poll done by Ipsos, “Paid YouTube mobile advertising time is 84% more likely to receive attention than TV advertising.”

However, despite these highly favorable numbers, this platform is primarily successful for businesses that have unique approaches or ideas. This is why brands that have unique personalities are best suited for this platform and its vast audience.


When people think of Pinterest, they often think of soccer moms posting cute DIY projects and recipes to utilize later. However, this platform is much more complex than that.

According to Pinterest themselves, 250 million people use Pinterest every month, and 84% use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy. This means that if you have a clever, inspirational approach to marketing your brand, you will flourish on this platform and generate leads.


Snapchat may have started off as something primarily for teenagers, but it has now become a highly useful platform for marketing. Focusing on genuine, unscripted videos that showcase the average lives of businesses and product creation, Snapchat is ideal for businesses that have a real personality and are hoping to attract other genuine individuals in their marketing efforts.

According to Zephoria, there are 190 million active daily users on Snapchat and, as of March of this year, Snapchat reached 75 percent of all 13-34-year-olds in the U.S. Snapchat is increasing its popularity and daily use each quarter, making it a highly viable platform for those looking to attract genuine people through genuine interaction.

Every social media platform has a personality that suits it best. The key is to find the right one for your team, and post frequently and expertly. If you do this, you can accomplish a great deal regarding your marketing goals.

Thanks to Ironmark for helping us with this answer

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