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Kevin asks: What social media platform is best when wanting to reach a specific customer persona? We just created a 5 video social campaign for a juice mixer and was wondering where we could get the most results in little time? Social media marketing for small business is important.

Answer: Knowing your audience is central to any video marketing strategy. Customizing video content specifically for who is watching maximizes results in a huge way – being able to attract high-value targeted visitors, leads, and customers to your business is what we strive for.

That is awesome that you’re into customer personas. Not many video production companies know about this technique to get to know an audience better. For those of you not using customer personas before production you should! It’s basically creating a fictional character shaped out of bits of information like education level, family life, career and income, and maybe even details like a name and personality traits. This helps you conceptualize and “talk to” your average target customer, and it serves as an ideal tool to create targeted content they would engage with.

So, how do you get your ideal audience to engage with your brand on social media? The answer is knowing what social media platforms and what personalities they most often connect with. To do this, we’ve turned them into personas, similar to high school cliques, that are sure to help you find your perfect social media platforms. This will help you to obtain more traffic and engagement in no time.

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