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Glen asks: For my work requirements, I need to make a tilt-shift time lapse video now. Some others told me that I can record one with a tilt-shift lens. But that’s too expensive and I can’t afford it. Is there any video editor that can add tilt-shift effect to videos easily and fast?

Answer: Tilt-shift videography is a technique of narrowing depth of field to make things look like miniatures. If you combine that with time-lapse, you can make sweet movies of normal life smaller.

The only real way to achieve this effect is by using a dedicated tilt-shift lens and attaching it to your video camera, shoot like normal then just speed up the video to make it look like time lapse in your favorite editing software.

You can fake the look with some simple techniques using your existing editing software or simply download and use tilt shift software that will mimic the look for you. Simply take your footage, drop it in and <poof> instant miniature effect!

Here is what we recommend:

TiltShift Video by Flainez Apps

A fast, easy to use, Universal App for iOS. It provides all the necessary tools to turn your videos or pictures into awesome miniatures with the incredible Tilt-Shift effect.

TiltShift Video by Cateater

Create awesome looking movies that fools the eye – where everything appears like a fake miniature re-creation of the scene – a tiny toy train set from a real train, for instance. The Tilt-Shift technique in film and photography makes a scene look like a miniature model of the scene. This is a really fun-to-play-with…the results are mindbending.

ShrinkRay by Red Giant software

A fast and easy way to make big things look tiny by simulating a tilt shift effect.

Wondershare Filmora video editor

An online video editing program that is equipped with a tilt shift maker.


In this Premiumbeat exclusive video tutorial you’ll learn how to create a realistic tilt-shift effect in After Effects. Instead of buying a really expensive tilt-shift lens, you can get the sought after “miniature” look solely in post production.

Faking the tilt-shift video look in Adobe Premiere Pro

Here are four excellent tilt shift tutorial videos:

The first video shows you how to fake it until you make it in Final Cut Pro.

Video #2 has Vincent LaForet teasing us with an actual tilt shift lens.

Video #3 gets into detail of the process using Adobe Premiere.

Video #4 shows how to get it done using After Effects.

[jw7-video n=”1,2,3,4″]

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