Best video stabilization software

Video stabilization software is an essential tool for people who want to create great quality videos, either for personal or professional use. It helps to remove that shakiness you often get when using handheld devices like smartphones to record videos, making your clips and home movies look more stable and professional.

Even though fixing shaky footage is possible, you shouldn’t expect miracles because if your footage contains too many cameras shakes these online video stabilizers won’t be able to produce perfectly stable footage in every shot. On the other hand, if your video clips contain only a moderate amount of shaky footage the following video stabilizers will help you create smooth videos.

Let’s have a look at how you can stabilize your videos with these free online video stabilizers.




Best for

Movavi Video Editor Plus Windows, Mac Free trial, $39.95 for a 1-year license, $59.95 for a lifetime license Video stabilization
Pinnacle Studio Windows $99.95 – Lifetime Advanced editing
AVS Video Editor Windows Free trial, $39 – 1 year, $59 – Lifetime Ease of use
iMovie Mac, iOS Free Free stabilization on Apple devices
VideoProc Windows, Mac Free version, $29.95 – 1 year, $37.95 – Lifetime Stabilizing 4K videos
VideoStudio Ultimate Windows Free trial, $54.99 – Lifetime Adding filters to videos
Arcsoft Video Stabilizer Windows Free Stabilizing home movies
Windows Movie Maker Windows Free Stabilization on Windows devices
Final Cut Pro Mac Free trial, $299.99 – Lifetime Professional editing on Mac
Emulsio iOS Free (in-app purchases) Stabilization and editing on iPads and iPhones
Deshake iOS $2.99 – Lifetime Automatic stabilization on iOS
VideoPad Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Free version, $39.95 – Lifetime Stabilization across all major platforms
Beecut iOS Free Creating social media content
Videorama iOS Free (in-app purchases) Instagram videos
Magisto Video Editor iOS Free (in-app purchases) Content creators

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