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Burger King is a video marketing king and this Facebook video ad is one of their latest triumphs.

Not many fast food companies could get away with showing their products going mouldy – it’s not exactly appetising!

But when you compare this video ad with the information collected on their main competitor, McDonalds, it’s pretty genius.

The last McDonalds meal ever bought in Iceland is still on display over ten years later and it hasn’t shown any signs of decomposition, leading many to question the quality and the content of the food.

This isn’t a freak incident. In fact, many people have kept McDonalds food over the years to see if anything happened to it.

And this recent video ad by Burger King shows them getting in on the action, proving that their food actually does mould.

There’s a wonderful simplicity to this timelapse video, which ends with a phrase that could definitely be considered a jibe at McDonalds: “the beauty of no artificial preservatives.”

And it caused quite a stir on Facebook. It currently has just under 6,000 comments, with people sharing different opinions on the ad.

What we can learn:

Use the KISS method – keep it simple, stupid.

Sometimes it’s best to get your point across in the most simple and straight-forward way possible.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be bold. This video definitely checks that box, too. There may have been some trepidation by Burger King’s video marketing team before they hit the ‘Post’ button on this video, but ultimately, taking a risk and being bold is a great way to spread the word about your brand.

Videos like this divide opinion, but that’s what creates conversation and pushes brands and products into the limelight.

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