Interactive Video Increases Viewer Engagement

Interactive Video Increases Viewer Engagement

Interactive video increases viewer engagement, converts more leads, sells more products, and maximizes training impact.

Wouldn’t it be really cool. If you clicked on this video and you could purchase this guy a haircut?

Mindstamp is the simplest and most powerful interactive video solution available.

Brett: Typically the flow right now is you create a video, you post it. Um, and then you may be relegated to YouTube, maybe post it back to socials a couple of days later, but generally once they’ve seen the content, um, you know, they’ve experienced what you’ve made, but with interactivity you can get use out of it forever and ever.

You can take that same piece of content and repurpose it, um, with a call to action button with the personalization, with some questions to collect information, capture leads. So interactive video just generally turns your video marketing assets into things that are reusable and continue to provide value over time.

But with HubSpot, like I said, that that bit of personalization that you can send, um, from the HubSpot contact record is super powerful, right? The minute somebody sees their name in the video, they see their company in the video, they see a piece of information about the video.

It’s a wow that, you know, this person knows me. This is targeted at me. This piece of content is made for me. So as a result, they’re much more engaged. They’re much more likely to pay attention to your brand, your company, your message. And, um, we love helping people do that.

We love helping people get more value out of their existing assets.

Click here to see an interactive version of this video using Mindstamp.

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